Barcelona Is Welcoming David Villa - Next, Fabregas !!

Derbya AnabellaContributor IIMay 19, 2010

It took 48 hours for Barcelona to start the new 2010/2011 season. They are now officially recruits David Villa, and only one step away in welcoming Cesc Fabregas to the group.

After their victory in Spanish League with a smooth 4-0 to Valladolid, El Azulgrana had announced their new recruitments on Villa Tuesday, 18/5. El Mundo Deportivo reported that Villa was bought for €42- 50 million from Valencia with 4 years contract. The official presentation will be held tomorow, on Friday 21/5.

Villa was a clear target for both Real Madrid and Barcelona since last summer. However, Valencia management had rejected their offer even though they need the money to pay hundreds million of debt. But apparently it was an inevitable offer. Barca's proposal was hard to resist.

And now El Azulgrana is aiming for Cesc Fabregas, with €35 million fresh funds. Fabregas already opens up for his intention to leave Arsenal, at all cause. It's understandable, since Arsenal hasn't win many trophies and title for years. Infact, they only won 2 titles in the last 7 years, while Barca have won 7 titles in the last 2 years. No wonder Fabregas chose Barcelona, who has more promising in career.

The problem is Fabregas is the heart of Arsenal. Wenger has worked very hard to develop a great team for the last few years, and losing him will distroy all his hard work.

But it seems that Fabregas has made up his mind, as he is ready to make an official letter if his request is not fulfilled. But above all, he is hoping to maintain a good relationship with Arsenal, the club that has helped him becoming what he is now.