Brazilian Clubs May Lose their Main Stars After World Cup

Gil BragaContributor IIMay 19, 2010

Bleacher Report's Senior Analyst Gustavo Destro wrote a very good article giving many reasons on why the Brazilian Championship (aka Brasileirão) is indeed the most exciting and competitive national league in the world. (Read his article HERE)

In a country famous for having as many talented footballers as gorgeous women, exporting its best talents overseas has become a normal rule for every club. However the seed is strong, and each year more and more young players pop-up all over the continental territory.

The 2010 Brazilian Championship will be a very peculiar one. It started a few weeks ago overlapping with the final stages of the Copa Libertadores (the South American version of the Champions League), and it will be interrupted for 30 days so the whole country can turn their eyes to the World Cup.

How does that make this Brazilian Championship special?

Well, first of all we started the league with São Paulo, Cruzeiro, Corinthians, Santos, Grêmio, and Atlético-MG, Internacional as the most obvious candidates for the title because of their latest performances and the squads they have. However with the summer transfer window we might see some of these clubs coming back from the 30-day break without their main stars.

Vasco's youngster Philipe Coutinho has already signed with Inter Milan. I don't think Santos will be able to keep Paulo Henrique Ganso and Neymar if they keep showing the great football that has taken Santos to the regional title and the semifinals of the Brazilian Cup. Cruzeiro is a club known for not refusing good money for their players.

The same might happen to any team mentioned above and any other on the league.

The other issue that might cause the list of favorites to be dismantled is the fact that during the break, some teams lose momentum while others sign new players and come back re-energized for the rest of the season.

It's really hard for the Brazilian League to compete in popularity with the marketing and international names of the EPL, La Liga, Serie A, or Bundesliga. Most of the players in Brazil are unknown to the rest of the world. But I suggest you to at least mark my words and follow this humble scribe and I'll keep you posted on new players, ups and downs of the table, and maybe even some highlight videos. If I can figure out how to embed them here.

For now I leave you with some links to YouTube videos of  Philipe Coutinho (almost ex-Vasco, future Inter Milan)  and the super offensive 2010 Santos FC of Neymar and Ganso.