Chelsea vs Portsmouth: Today's Cup Final Means Sweet FA to Me

Daniel GoochAnalyst IMay 15, 2010

There is nothing special about today. It may be "FA cup day," but it isn't the spectacale it use to be. I remember waking up and turning on the TV to watch three hours of build-up before the game. Today, I can't wait for the game to be over.

There is only one way today is going to finish. The Chelsea players will be lifting the FA cup trophy above their heads, the Pompey players will be miserable, and millions of people watching the game around the world would have wasted an hour and a half of their lives watching a thrashing they knew was going to happen.

Personally, I am going to find this game as thrilling as the election. You know one side is going to crash out, its just wondering how much the other side are going to win by.

I am willing to watch a repeat of one of the political TV debates while this game is on. I'll turn on the news and see, "Chelsea romp to victory," or some other stupid headline in a tabloid that is meant to be funny.

Not being a Chelsea fan, I can still praise them for the way they won the Premier League title this season. They deserved to win the title with their numerous high scoring games, even though Wigan did seem to just lie down and let the Blues walk all over them.

The only reason I may consider watching the game is to see the ball hit the back of the Portsmouth net again and again and again.

And again.

And again.

I would love Portsmouth to win the game, or even score a goal, but I doubt they will do either. 

I may have seen my local team get knocked out in the third round to the amazing Accrington Stanley, but that doesn't make envious of these two teams.

Is it me, or is the FA cup dream disappearing from the dreams of litle boys wanting to become footballers?

A generation or two ago, footballers would want to win the FA cup from the age of 5. Nowadays, they dream more about taking part in Total Wipeout.

Anyway, it will be a nice day out in the sun for the fans (well, the Chelsea fans), and it will be another statistic that will go down in the record books of English football.

My prediction: zzzzzzzzzzz.