Goodbye Alexander Hleb and Gilberto Silva, Emmanuel Adebayor to Stay?

Benjamin RogersAnalyst IJuly 16, 2008

Arsenal’s Alexander Hleb will complete a medical and sign in front of the press on Thursday and will join Barcelona for the reported fee of around 11.9 million pounds.

Arsenal will make a £900.000 profit on the player who signed for 11 million when he came to Arsenal. Arsenal may get an extra 3.1 million depending on playing and scoring (we probably won’t get the 3.1 million then).

The stats say Arsenal is better without Hleb, and they win and score more when he is not on the field.

From the opinion of myself, a loyal Arsenal supporter, I think it is good that he is going because he never seemed loyal to Arsenal, and from the very first moment he came to Arsenal, he never stopped moaning.

I'm not going to say thanks for the time he was here because I'm happier to receive 11.9 million for him so we can replace him (when he starts to whinge, Barca will probably sell him).

Gilberto Silva is also on his way out of the Emirates and will complete 1-1.5 million pound move to Greek giant’s Panithanaikos in the next two days.

As an Arsenal fan, I’m sad to see him go, but he wasn't going to get Premier League football next season, so it was the right move for him. I hope he has a good end to his career in Greece (PS thank you Gilberto).

And finally, it looks like Adebayor may be staying at Arsenal after all. AC Milan has made the purchase of Ronaldinio and has said they have closed their door to the transfer market and will make no more signings this includes Adebayor.

With Barcelona showing little interest, the player could be staying at the Emirates.

My final opinion is well well well, look who looks stupid now. After saying he wanted to stay and two hours later saying he wanted to go, it looks like he ain't got a choice.

We won’t be making the 17-25 million we hoped to make from him, so next season he better make it up to us.

With the possible signing of Arshavin still on the cards, I’m not really concerned about the loses of the two midfielders, but hope Ade makes up for letting his ego get the better of him, time will tell!