How did (David) Marc Curles Become an SEC Official

Mike In ValdostaCorrespondent INovember 6, 2009
David Marc Curles, the SEC official whose incompetence has effected the outcome of at least two important SEC football games this year has a business relationship with Lincoln Financial Advisors Corporation. You remember Lincoln Financial, they s”owned” the SEC regional telecast prior to ESPN. You may be more familiar with Jefferson Pilot. Lincoln Financial took over for Jefferson pilot a few years back.

Accordning to FINRA ( David M. Curles is currently employed and registered with Lincoln Financial Advisors Corporation, 201 Office Park Dr., Birmingham AL, 35223-2424. He has only been registered since February 7th, 2007.

Mr. Curles has not passed any Principal/Supervisory exams. He has passed one general industry/product exam and one state securities law exam.

Just my opinion, but I would not have my money with this man considering the “judgement” he has displayed during his weekend job as an SEC official.