New MLS Team New York City Football Club to Play 3 Seasons at Yankee Stadium

Patrick ClarkeCorrespondent IApril 14, 2014

Sep 22, 2013; Bronx, NY, USA; New York Yankees pitcher Mariano Rivera (42) enters the field from the bull pen as heavy metal band Metallica plays
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Major League Soccer's New York-based expansion club, New York City Football Club will debut in a symbolic venue, according to The New York Times' Andrew Das and David Waldstein.

Das and Waldstein report that the team will play its first three seasons at Yankee Stadium and is expected to make the announcement official later this month.

Keep in mind that the club is co-owned by the New York Yankees. 

The new club will eventually have to settle on a permanent venue to call home. However, for now, the franchise will attempt to entrench itself in the Big Apple and win over supporters by playing in one of America's most recognizable and iconic stadiums.

Yankees executive director of nonbaseball events Mark Holtzman appears confident that the stadium's staff will be able to adjust the field and venue in time for the crowded list of events, per Das and Waldstein:

Technology has gotten to the point where I think we can turn it around pretty quickly...Baseball is clearly the No. 1 priority. We wouldn’t do anything to put anyone at any risk; there’s a major investment here in the players. At the end of the day, we look at these opportunities very carefully, and we wouldn’t get into these opportunities unless we were confident in the end result.

It remains to be seen what impact if any New York City FC's arrival will have on the venue and field conditions inside Yankee Stadium. Sports Illustrated senior writer Grant Wahl is one of many who aren't convinced it'll be a seamless process:

The venue has been used for several soccer events in the past, but those events occurred far less frequently than they would upon the arrival of a full club season.

According to's Alexander Abnos, some in Major League Baseball are concerned about how well the Yankee Stadium turf will hold up under so much wear and tear. Stadium officials have laid temporary grass over the baseball diamond dirt for past events. 

What's more, the MLS and MLB seasons fall under the same eight-month span from March to October.

The good news is that with Yankee Stadium secured for their first three seasons starting in 2015, New York City FC will be able to attract potential followers from the start and quickly build a fanbase. 

Whether the club's early years are a success, though, will have to wait for now.


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