Rooster Invades Pitch at Israeli Soccer Game, Takes Security on Amazing Chase

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterFebruary 18, 2014

“Cue up the slippery sound effects, get me a studio audience and, for God’s sake, someone turn on ‘Yakety Sax’!” 

It’s a simple formula: Animal invades field, uncoordinated men pursue said animal and hilarity ensues. The only finishing touch needed is a Benny Hill theme dub over, but we’ll have to go without one on this cock chase.

According to Jack Moore of the International Business Times, Saturday’s game between Israeli soccer clubs Bnei Yehuda and Hapoel turned into an all-too-familiar barnyard rundown when a wild rooster invaded the pitch.

The invasion occurred during the 18th minute of the game and stopped action as field personnel desperately tried to corner the bird.

Security had no idea of the ride they had just signed up for. As it turns out, they were dealing with the Allen Iverson of cockerels, and many an innocent ankle was destroyed in the pursuit of the elusive rooster.

Footage suggests that one security guard was completely sauced by a rooster crossover.

Screenshot via YouTube

Producers broadcasting the pursuit made sure to capture some meme-worthy shots of fans laughing in the stands—because bald guys falling down is hilarious to all cultures. 

Screenshot via YouTube

Unable to catch the bird, the game was only able to continue when the rooster became bored with its clumsy pursuers and left the pitch on its own volition.

We’re waiting patiently for a “Yakety Sax” remix. Don’t disappoint us, Internet.


We need more sax and/or cowbell.