Paris In Need of Another Football Club

Vincent MuambiContributor IMay 25, 2009

LONDON - JULY 29:  Loris Arnaud of Paris Saint Germain during the 'Emirates Cup' match between Paris Saint Germain and Valencia at the Emirates Stadium on July 29, 2007 in London, England.  (Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images)

It's time that the French capital now house a second football club—one that will directly challenge Paris Saint Germain for honors in the city of Paris, France.

It can be argued that Paris may be the only major European capital not to have a second football club, and there seems to be a growing call among the hushed voices of some disappointed Parisian football fans for a second team to start off in a few year's time.

Cities such as Madrid, London, Barcelona, Manchester, Liverpool, Milan, Moscow, Munich, and Lisbon enjoy the fortunes of having a second squad or more in their respective cities.

Paris Saint Germain have been the mainstay of Paris football since the club's formation back in 1970, and to this day, still are the only squad from Paris playing in the top flight.

Paris is big enough to support at least two teams, the current stadium Parc de Princes can seat at least 48 000 people, a good number for any major club to gain support from, and some argue that a second team wouldn't be well off from achieving what Paris Saint-Germain have already achieved in past years.

A second team would help Paris Saint-Germain, it will drive the club to be much more competitive on and off the field, allow more fans to come to games at the club's home stadium, and most important of all, allow fellow Parisians the pleasure of enjoying a fierce football rivalry at their own expense.

The identity of this new Parisian club, along with finances and operations would be resolved and carefully thought about at first, but the general consensus among some skeptics is that Parisians wouldn't support another football club.

Some names recently for a potential club have surfaced already: Stade France, Royal Paris, Paris FC, Saint-Germain, and Racing Paris.

Personally, I wouldn't go for neither of the five names listed, but whatever the name would be, Parisians would at least get to see what a second option looks like.

Complete rubbish!

Paris would and can support a second team,whether it will come now, or in the not-to-distant future.  As a French-born person myself, I believe strongly that a second team is exactly what the city needs.