Isco's Career Could Stall at Madrid But Will Ignite at Manchester City

Trent Scott@ IIIJune 18, 2013

MALAGA, SPAIN - APRIL 03:  Francisco R. Alarcon Isco of Malaga CF looks on during the UEFA Champions League quarter-final first leg match between Malaga CF and Borussia Dortmund at La Rosaleda Stadium on April 3, 2013 in Malaga, Spain.  (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images)
David Ramos/Getty Images

Among the stories of Gareth Bale to Real Madrid or PSG, or Cristiano Ronaldo returning to Manchester United lays a promising little story on the budding playmaker Isco.

Current club Malaga is without a manager, and a tribunal has kicked the Andalucían squad out of European competition for two years.

With that ban, an owner that has raised, then smashed expectations with the start-stop nature of the cash flow and a new manager coming in, what is a nailed-on Spanish international to do?

A move seems inevitable and the choices are very clear: stay in Spain with Real Madrid or change scenery to England and Manchester City.

If all things were the same, whether it is pay, playing time, competition, etc., the choice would be very easy to go to the Bernabeu.

But all things are not equal.

Face time is not going to be a problem in either location. Madrid’s global presence is matched by few in the world but City, with their growing influence around the world and already recognizable faces, is quickly moving in the right direction.

Plus, the new Premier League deal in the US with NBC means that dazzling performances for City likely have a much larger, untapped casual audience to capture.

Money will not be a problem, either.

Both sides are likely to offer lucrative contracts that would make the average man’s eyes water.

What is different, however, is competition.

Sure, both sides are in the Champions League. Both sides will be competing for league titles and domestic cups.

What is not the same are the players in the same role.

At Madrid, Isco is likely to have to fight through three or four different members of the squad to get one of two positions in the Starting XI.

With Ronaldo, assuming he is still in Madrid, locked to the left side, Isco would have to unseat either Mesut Ozil or Angel di Maria off the main starting line-up.

That’s also assuming that he can jump in front of Jose Callejon, Kaka and Luka Modric for playing time.

And should Madrid sign Gareth Bale? Forget about it. The inn would be bursting and Isco likely would find himself limited to cup matches and the odd substitute appearance.

At City, however, the door is far more inviting.

For one, Manuel Pellegrini just plopped into the City hot seat. Pellegrini oversaw much of Isco’s development in the last two seasons and it would be very easy for “The Engineer” to make full use of the young Spaniard’s talents.

With David Silva and Samir Nasri the only two similar players and Nasri having an off year, Isco could fight and win a spot with less direct competition than at Madrid, something the Telegraph thinks will eventually sway the decision.

It does not hurt that with Carlos Tevez mooted to leave, according to many including the London Evening Standard, a hole has opened up in just the area Isco would fit in.

Games would not be hard to come by with the frenetic pace the Premier League lends to clubs throughout each campaign.

The trip to City would also force Isco to improve by throwing a completely different style in his face.

Trips to Stoke, Sunderland and West Brom will offer plenty of challenges that Osasuna, Granada and Getafe would not have up their sleeves.

Being at City also provides a routine round of challenges. There is no Barcelona or Madrid to create massive chasms between the top and even the rest of the Champions League places.

With mid-level clubs capable of challenging the top contenders, it would require a constant effort to get City over the line and to a title.

There would also be plenty of eyes poring over the Premier League from back home, meaning that Isco will not be lost in the pack when it comes to the Spanish national team.

With plenty of room for growth and a welcoming environment, City and Isco look like a combination that could take off.

Certainly the Spanish squad in Brazil will be trying to persuade the Malaga man to trade the Costa del Sol for the capital, but a move abroad might be just the ticket for the youngster to truly blossom.


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