Joe Kinnear Video: Watch Newcastle Football Director's Mistake Filled Rant

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Joe Kinnear's appointment as Newcastle United's new football director has certainly gotten off to a rocky start.

The former Newcastle manager took to the media on Sunday to announce he had taken over the football director post at St. James' Park, a move that caused much shock and derision among fans. A controversial figure during his first run through the Premier League side, Kinnear's name has always brought forth controversy and strong opinions from supporters. 

That's unlikely to change after Kinnear appeared on TalkSport radio, going on a lengthy rant against the fickle nature of fans, the ever-critical media and the future of Newcastle United. The coup de grace of the 14-plus-minute interview involves Kinnear getting multiple players' names wrong, something that will do little to appease a frustrated and passionate fanbase.

The rant initially began when Kinnear was asked by the host about the cool reception he'd received since announcing his appointment. The 66-year-old Irishman, seemingly set off by the question, went on to extol his resume as both a player and manager. 

“Look at my record," Kinnear said (transcription via The Mirror). "These people ask what have I done. Where have these people been? On another planet? I’ve played in five Cup Finals and won the lot. I played more than 400 games for Tottenham Hotspur."

Kinnear, who was 4-8-6 during his appointment as Newcastle manager from 2008-09 before leaving to get a heart operation, most notably spent previous time with Wimbledon and Luton Town. As a manager, his most notable accomplishment was winning the LMA Manager of the Year in 1994 with Wimbledon. Most of the resume-builders Kinnear pointed to happened as a player, where he spent a decade-long successful stint with Tottenham.

For fans, though, the most puzzling part of the interview happened when Kinnear seemingly bumbled every name in the Newcastle directory. 

According to The Mirror's transcription, Kinnear pronounced managing director Derek Lambias as "Lambezee," star Yohan Cabaye as "Cababs," and Shola Ameobi as "Amanobi," among others.

It's unclear whether this was done purposefully for effect, or merely that Kinnear did not know the correct pronunciations. Always known for his loose-cannon nature, either possiblity remains.

Nonetheless, this certainly wasn't the way to ingratiate himself to a fanbase that was already tepid at best about his return. 

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