MLS' Houston Dynamo Defeats New England Revolution On Its Hone Turf, 2-0

Roberto Alvarez-GallosoChief Writer IMay 3, 2009

FOXBOROUGH, MA - MAY 3: Tyler Deric #30 of the Houston Dynamo battles Sainey Nyassi #31 of the New England Revolution at Gillette Stadium on May 3, 2009 in Foxborough, Massachusetts.  (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

The MLS [Major League Soccer] game for the date of the 3rd of May 2009 was between the Houston Dynamos and the New England Revolution in the latter’s home turf. If there is a lesson that needs to be learned is that no team should ever be underestimated even if they are in bottom half of their regional conference.

While the Houston Dynamos and the New England Revolution are in the bottom half of their classifications, they played an unforgettable game. While New England had the home advantage, Houston surprised them, 2-0

The game started with Houston dominating from the beginning to the end of the game. Houston had the speed, discipline, and consistency needed to win the game. Holden surprised the goalkeeper by scoring the first goal with a direct kick within 22 minutes of the first half.

It appeared that the goal galvanized Houston further even though Clark and Mullan were booked for anti sports behavior. Clark received a yellow card at 43 minutes while Mullan received his at 62 minutes.

Brian Ching was the biggest surprise in this important game for Houston with his second goal in 58 minutes. The goal was the third for Mr. Ching in the year 2009. While Houston was doing its version of a victory dance even before the game was over, New England was having trouble.

It appeared that the Revolution could not get started and sputtered. Mansally received a yellow card in 51 minutes of the game and many mistakes were made. Houston was able to use the mistakes of New England to their advantage.

In the end, it was all over.

Brian Ching deserves to be named the most valued player of the game for his part in the second goal for Houston. It was the second goal that consolidated the victory for the Houston Dynamos in this all important game.

It appears that Houston maybe ready for the latest battle over Texas with the FC Dallas. It is hoped that Houston could draw some valuable lessons from this victory for their future games. Houston could classify for the MLS Championship if it were to win all of its game.

The down side is that maybe Chicago will have a big chance of winning the MLS for 2009 secondary to its yet undefeated record and a fired up team brimming with discipline and tenacity.


Most valued player: Brian Ching.