Awful Argentinian Player Enzo Jimenez Red Carded for Throwing Dog Against Fence

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Being a completely awful person will most definitely get you a red card. 

Stephen Douglas of the Big Lead spotted a video that is tough to watch, featuring an Argentinian soccer player by the name of Enzo Jimenez grabbing a dog by the neck and tossing him against a fence that surrounds the pitch. 

Thankfully, as Douglas points out, the dog appears to land on the ground and run away as unscathed as we can hope. 

According to the report, the horrible act occurred during a fixture between San Juan and Bella Vista. At some point, a dog gets on the pitch delaying the game. 

Normally, this is the wonderful and random moments we love to bring to you. There has been a great deal of adorable animals taking the field: The Anfield Cat and the two dogs who took over a soccer pitch are just a couple that come to mind. 

In this case, it's the complete opposite of an unexpected cameo from an animal turning into an amazing memory for sports fans. 

No, this is evidence of how some people can mistreat animals. In this case, Jimenez seems to be the only person in the stadium who finds his actions acceptable. 

After picking up the dog by the neck and throwing him against the fence in a failed attempt to toss him it into the stands, he is greeted by an irate collection of soccer players ready to take him to task for his antics. 

Of course, such an act is truly deserving of getting kicked off the field. The referee certainly sees it that way and rids the pitch of Jimenez with a justified red card.

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