Chelsea Player's Son Provides Most Precious Moment of Season with Fantastic Goal

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Josh Turnbull may just have a future on the pitch. He managed to electrify the Chelsea collective recently at Stamford Bridge. 

Deadspin brings us one of the best moments from a tumultuous season for Chelsea. In fact, I nearly forgot all about the awful portions of the year as this young maestro weaved his way to an open goal. 

According to the report, the little man with mad game is goalkeeper Ross Turnbull's son, and he just stole every last bit of Paulo Ferreira's thunder. 

The 34-year-old was saying his fond farewells to the Chelsea faithful when the boy caught the fans' eyes. The cameraman and everyone in the stands locked in on the little kid dribbling toward a wide-open net. 

Ferreira knew the moment was young Turnbull's, so he went quiet for what had to be one of the most precious moments of the season. 

There is so much awesome in this video that it's really hard to single out my favorite aspect. The crowd growing louder and louder as Turnbull reached the goal should coincide with your smile getting wider and wider. 

When he finally scored, the beautiful bedlam that transpired is all you need to take you into the offseason with high hopes. 

The 2012 Champions League winners had to settle for just Europa League glory in 2013, and there will soon be a great debate over the manager to lead Chelsea next season. 

All of that was put on the backburner momentarily as Turnbull scored a goal.

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