Manchester United Rumours: What's the Latest on Wayne Rooney?

Mikhail Turner@MikhailTurnerContributor IIIMay 13, 2013

Manchester United Rumours: What's the Latest on Wayne Rooney?

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    Whether or not Wayne Rooney stays at Manchester United will be be one of the biggest transfer stories this summer. 

    While the recent announcement of Sir Alex Ferguson's departure was a bit surprising, there has been constant speculation concerning Wayne Rooney's future at Manchester United.

    Rooney has been an important player for United during his time at the club, winning 12 trophies in nine seasons.

    David Moyes is set to take over as the United boss and may face the task of keeping one of his top stars (via BBC).

    Here's the latest news regarding Wayne Rooney.

May 09: Wayne Rooney Linked with Bayern Munich, Chelsea and Paris Saint-Germain

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    Bayern Munich, Chelsea and Paris Saint-Germain have all been linked (per the Daily Mail) with a move for Wayne Rooney.

    There's no doubting that some top teams will be interested in the Manchester United attacker, though there's still no certainty he will leave this summer.

    Out of these three candidates, Chelsea are unlikely to have any chance whatsoever to sign Rooney.

    The German club may show some interest with Pep Guardiola set to takeover as Rooney was linked to Barcelona when the Spaniard was there.

    Paris Saint-Germain may be able to lie on David Beckham helping to convince his compatriot to move and help the French side's project. 

May 09: Wayne Rooney Asks to Leave

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    Before the announcement that Sir Alex Ferguson would retire at the end of the season, Wayne Rooney told the Manchester United manager he felt it was time to leave the club (via BBC).

    Robin van Persie's arrival this season has seemingly taken some of his status away at the club, and Rooney may be seeking a new challenge.

    The English forward came close to leaving in the past, and the managerial change may give him another reason to leave (via Sky Sports).

    At 27, Rooney is entering the prime of his career and would be a magnificent signing for any top team. 

May 10: Wayne Rooney Wants to Stay at with Manchester United

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    According to the Independent, Wayne Rooney is considering staying at Manchester United after the initial announcement that he wanted to leave.

    Here's more from the article:

    Rooney...who made a verbal request to leave United two weeks ago, is open-minded about the idea of working again with his old Everton manager.

    The forward's desire for a fresh start has accrued from a problem with Ferguson, who has dropped him out of United's strike force, rather than with the club. Though Moyes will not take up his new position until 1 July, the two are likely to talk almost immediately.

    Rooney may feel that with Sir Alex Ferguson gone, he'll no longer have to worry too much about his status at the club.

    It will be interesting to see what happens when Rooney and David Moyes do eventually talk.

May 13: David Moyes to Talk with Wayne Rooney

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    Both the Guardian and the Telegraph have reported that David Moyes will sit down for a discussion with Wayne Rooney when he becomes United's manager. 

    Though both papers differ on when that discussion will happen, either immediately or after other personnel issues are resolved, it's certain that Rooney's future will be discussed.  

    The pair worked together at Everton for two seasons where Rooney made his breakthrough before leaving for Manchester United in 2004.

    They haven't had the most amicable relationship though, with the duo having to settle a dispute over Wayne Rooney's autobiography published in 2006 (via Telegraph).

May 10: Fans Call for David Moyes to Sell Wayne Rooney

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    According to the Express, Internet site became a location for numerous Manchester United fans to voice their displeasure with Wayne Rooney's recent actions.

    A good number of those fans called for Rooney to be sold by their incoming manager.

    A thread on fans' forum entitled Wayne Rooney has attracted over 1.1million views and nearly 10,000 posts, with many of the most recent ones venting their displeasure at Rooney's actions.

    One fan posted "United should let him go. We don't need prima donnas like Rooney - he's not even prima any longer" while another declared "I wish for Rooney to leave. I hope I get it."

    Rooney's second statement of intent to leave within the last five years has possibly seen him lose the adoration of a good many fans.