Sweden Honors Zlatan Ibrahimovich with Official Word for Domination, "Zlatanera"

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Sweden Honors Zlatan Ibrahimovich with Official Word for Domination,
Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

If you were curious as to what is the coolest honor in the world, it's Sweden adding the word "zlatanera" to the official lexicon in honor of their son Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Not only does the formidable striker have a word named after him, the meaning behind it is really where the jealousy should begin. 

It means, "to dominate."

The Daily Mail (h/t Yahoo! Sports) reports Sweden is adding the verb "to Zlatan" to their national dictionary.

It seems the Swedish Language Council got together to discuss important Swedish language matters such as how to properly demonstrate pure domination with but a word. 

Zlatanera is how. 

Michael Regan/Getty Images

The word was originally coined on Les Guignols, a popular satirical puppet show - similar to Spitting Image - from French station Canal Plus, whose characters are in awe of the PSG striker.  

To recognise this, the Swedes have even acknowledged the original French spelling of ‘zlataner’, simply tweaking to create ‘zlatanera’ and officially defined it as ‘from the French: to dominate on and off the field.’

Real talk, this is one of the coolest honors we could think of. It means people are so convinced of your prowess that  they are ready to use your name to describe ultimate dominance. 

From now on, I will try to infuse my day with far more zlatanera. Not knowing how to properly conjugate the word, I will just go wild with things like; zlatanering that bowl of chili beans, zlatanering someone at Madden or just Zlatanering this outfit I am wearing. 

According to the report, people have been using Ibra's name to mean "to dominate" for some time now, so this is but a formality. 

Still, the 31-year old Paris Saint-Germain striker hardly has to worry about his legacy, because this proves it's pretty much set in stone. 

If you happen to get dominated later today, consider yourself zlatanerad

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