Lonely Udinese Fan Is Only Supporter to Watch Team Win Away Game Live

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 12, 2012

Photo Credit: Fox Sports
Photo Credit: Fox Sports

Arrigo Brovedani had his choice of seats at a recent Serie A game—roughly all of them. 

The Associated Press (h/t SportsGrid) reports there was just one man who was willing to root on his team in what should be the most depressing story in fandom ever—that honor, however, goes to anyone rooting for the 2012-2013 Wizards. 

The self-professed Udinese fan was the only one to show up at a recent away game against Sampdoria, one that Udinese won 2-0. 

Here is an apparent picture of him looking absolutely riveted. 

This story is bizarre on a number of levels, but mostly from the standpoint of how we see Europeans and their affection for football. 

I guess I just assumed busloads of fans travel to each and every game, not realizing that Italians have jobs too. Oh, so you can't tour with the team forever?

Still, you would think someone would have showed up in the Udinese supporter's section to keep Brovedani company. 

This is like going to see a Royals vs. Angels game in Anaheim and not spotting one Kansas City fan. Oh, I guess that wouldn't be so remarkable. 

Again, there was nothing all that depressing about his experience. Lonely? Yes. Depressing? Hardly. 

He was given coffee by stadium stewards and a Sampdoria shirt by the home club directors. The home fans also invited him to drink with them after the game.

Udinese dedicated the win to Brovedani and has invited him to the match against Palermo on Saturday.

Not only is our assumption of highly-raucous crowds shattered, but we have lost all respect for opposing fans who are supposed to be rabid. 

Who are these football hooligans inviting a rival fan back for coffee and giving him swag? Was there a foot massage throw in for good measure?

In all seriousness, this is a wonderful story of a fan having his expectations destroyed in the best way possible. 

His team gets an away win, the players adore his support and he even got some free coffee. 

Best story ever? It's up there. 

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