Manchester United: 3 Reasons Sir Alex Ferguson Should Hold on to Chicharito

Saakib ZafraniCorrespondent IINovember 27, 2012

Manchester United: 3 Reasons Sir Alex Ferguson Should Hold on to Chicharito

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    Earlier this month, Javier Hernandez, or Chicharito as we like to call him, drew the dreaded "super-sub" tag by pundits all over the footballing world. 

    The Mexican international came off the bench in the second half on Nov. 10 against Aston Villa when Manchester United found themselves trailing 2-0. 

    Chicharito fired one past Shay Given to get United on the board, then forced Villa defender Ron Vlaar into an own goal. 

    He scored the game winner in the final few minutes of the game with a trademark header, effectively gaining United three points single-handedly. 

    It was arguably his best performance ever, and it only came from 45 minutes of play. 

    A couple of weeks before that game, rumors were rife about Atletico Madrid tendering a bid for the 24-year-old. 

    Since then, Chicharito has made a considerable case proving his worth to Sir Alex Ferguson. He's been professional on and off the pitch, and Sir Alex would be foolish to let him go in January. 

He's Scoring Goals

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    Wayne Rooney is having trouble finding the back of the net, and Sir Alex knows he cannot rely solely on Robin van Persie. 

    Chicharito has scored five goals in his last seven Premier League appearances, and he isn't showing signs of slowing down. 

    Even if he's coming off the bench, Javier Hernandez is one of the most potent attacking weapons in the EPL. 

    His ability to get into the right position is superb, and his finishing is only getting better. At 24, Chicharito still has a lot more to offer Manchester United if given the chance. 

    In all competitions, Hernandez has nine goals in 15 appearances. That's equates to a 60 percent chance of him scoring if he's on the pitch. 

    Comparatively, van Persie has 11 in 16 appearances, and Rooney an embarrassing three in 11. 

£12 Million Is Not Worth It

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    If the rumors are to be believed at all, then the value of a possible £12 million or thereabouts being thrown around is ludicrous. 

    There will be a time to sell Javier Hernandez, and it won't be for a penny less than £20 million. Should one of the Spanish giants want him, then a subsequent royalty will be added on at that time. 

    It's just not good business to sell him right now. Plain and simple. Provided he doesn't sustain a catastrophic injury, his value can only seemingly go up. 

    If Chicharito maintains his form, then he's on pace to score almost 30 goals in all competitions by season's end. That blows the 20 goals he scored in his first season out of the water, and that was quite a feat when he did it. 

    Sir Alex Ferguson is a lot of things, and a shrewd businessman is chief among them. Fans have to believe that he knows what he's doing at all times. It's hard, nigh impossible, to fault the man as a football manager. 

    When the time is right, he'll make the right decision. 

He Has the Right Attitude

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    How often do athletes, especially young ones, let success go to their heads too quickly? 

    Let's just say that more young athletes tend to lose the plot than not. Not Chicharito. His outlook and attitude toward the club, management and it's decisions are refreshing to see from someone so young.

    Less than a week after his magnificent showing against Aston Villa, Javier Hernandez was interviewed by ESPN about his role in the club and his desire to start. Here's what he had to say:

    "Of course all the players in the world want to start every week, but we are 20, 23 and only 11 play. So, sometimes you are going to be on the bench, sometimes on the pitch."

    Chicharito went on to tell them that he doesn't mind being referred to as a super-sub, and his overall sentiment was one of wanting to help the team in any way. 

    He scores when asked, he's tremendously undervalued, he puts the club before himself and he's not a disciplinary risk in the least. What more could Sir Alex or United fans possibly want in a player?