Carlos Tevez's Leaked Paycheck Stub Proves Football Fairly Profitable Enterprise

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Carlos Tevez's Leaked Paycheck Stub Proves Football Fairly Profitable Enterprise
Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Carlos Tevez has quite the paycheck. 

It's obvious football stars get paid bank to do something they love. Still, seeing it before you takes the notion of riches and somehow makes it more real. 

Recently, a dated pay stub was leaked that shows how much Tevez received from Manchester City back in 2010. It will make you wonder why you ever gave up the beautiful game. 

The stub was spotted by Yahoo! Sports' Dirty Tackle and clearly shows life is good for Tevez, no matter what shenanigans he is pulling on or off the pitch. 

It was originally leaked by Twitter user Jamie Ellis and is now splashed to all corners of the Internet.

Photo Credit: Jamie Ellis Twitter

The Dirty Tackle report issues Tevez's legal team sent them an angry letter, making it seem that this paycheck is very much real. 

From there, we let them take you away with the nauseating numbers of what Tevez's time at City during March of 2010 was worth. 

it tells us that the Argentinean earned a gross wage of £720,287 ($1.4m) in March 2010, with an additional bonus of £20,000 for accommodation — it really is impossible to find anything in Manchester for any less — and a £7,000 "M.P. Bonus" (presumably, Tevez is given a monthly reward if he is able to resist storming off to play golf for indefinite periods of time).

It also reveals that the City striker's net £408,397.27 ($650,000) earnings were hampered by a whopping £24 fine from the FA, which was probably handed down for a yellow card.

If you are looking for absurd details, the stub is flush with them. From receiving £20,000 for accommodations to a fine that Tevez would have needed to break bigger bills to pay off, the whole thing is just ridiculous. 

Not that we didn't already know that contracts were obscene, but it makes it all the more spectacular when you see those numbers on a stub. 

I can only stare at this thing and think, someone actually received that as compensation

If you wanted further proof money is no object for athletes in their prime, Bob's Blitz has this Lawrence Taylor pay stub from 1983. 

Photo Credit: Bob's Blitz

For some reason, the sports world is allowing us to see their horribly-kept secret: It's ridiculously awesome to be a sports star. 

Hit me up on Twitter and we can comfort one another. 

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