Ranking the Top 25 National-Team Jerseys in International Soccer

Thomas Atzenhoffer@socceratzCorrespondent IINovember 15, 2012

Ranking the Top 25 National-Team Jerseys in International Soccer

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    Whether you are one of the greatest footballing nations in all of the world, middle of the road or even a whipping post for others, there is one thing that can always set your nation aside when it comes to the world stage.

    That one thing is a cool, trendy or pure and simple awesome kit.

    Some nations do it better than others and some company designers do it better than others, but without a doubt, these are the best of the best in football kits no matter the size of the nation.

    All images via Football Fashion and UK Soccer Shop.

Argentina Away

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    Argentina has a history of greatness both on the pitch and in their style while in action.

Wales Home

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    Wales look to make a statement with their new, nearly retro colored home kit.

Ukraine Away

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    The Ukraine are the first nation on the list that have some ghosted graphics on their kit.

Gabon Home

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    Gabon joins Ukraine with some cool graphics of their own, as they sport a panther on their kit in homage to their national animal.

France Away

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    France goes old school with striped sleeve ends on their newest away kit.

Algeria Home

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    Algeria sports a great white green fade in the home kit for the 2012 African Nations Cup.

Belgium Home/Away

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    Belgium has not made any major changes to their kits, but they have a classic red, black and yellow feel in representation of the national flag and colors.

Ghana Away

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    Ghana is another African nation to have a great fade in their away kit. It almost mimics the coloring of an African sunrise.

Poland Home

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    Poland's multiple logos matched with their solid red strip make for an intimidating kit for any away team to face.

Senegal Home

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    Senegal has a great embossed representation of their national tree, the Baobab, on their new home kit.

Scotland Home

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    The ghost image of the Scottish national flag on the chest of their home kit is a great touch to give their dark navy some more class.

Portugal Away

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    Portugal always has a great kit and their national cross emblazoned across the front of their uniform in their national colors is a design worthy of their history.

Northern Ireland Away

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    Northern Ireland went with the "we are a small country, but can still look great" approach to their new all black and green away kit.

Slovenia Away

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    Another great small nation kit is that of Slovenia with bright colors and Nike's always classy design.

Greece Home

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    Greece may have an economic crisis still on their hands, but their national team wears have not suffered.

Cameroon Home

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    Cameroon hopes to build some extra intimidation with some extra national pride into their style with the great lion head graphic on their new home kit.

Spain Away

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    Spain went with a great sky blue for their away kits this year and have been tearing it up since they pulled them into their mix.

Ivory Coast Home

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    The Ivory Coast is yet another great African country to have had a full Puma redesign to their home kit.

Austria Away

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    Simple, classy and uncluttered. All that Austria needs to make their new away kits look great.

China Home

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    China's kit at first may look plain, but if you look closely, you can see a great dragon graphic across the right shoulder through the chest.

Australia Away

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    Australia took two of their national colors to the extreme with a dark navy and gold kit that makes the Socceroos look even better than before.


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    Brazil's throw back kit is pure class and its a fitting representation of the nation's long history of footballing greatness.

Holland Away

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    The Clockwork Orange, as always, have a great away kit and the all black with their Dutch Lion logo is a great touch.

Uruguay Away

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    One of the world's smallest footballing nations, Uruguay is also one of the most well respected and historically legendary in the sport. Their new away kits are a simple style that is ready for anything and exudes confidence.

New Zealand Away

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    No wonder Australia went for a full redesign. Look at the awesomeness they have to compete with in their neighboring New Zealand's black and silver away kit. Greatest new kit this season.