Liverpool FC: 5 Strikers the Reds Should Be Looking at in January

Guido Fargiorgio@WorldBGuidCorrespondent IOctober 31, 2012

Liverpool FC: 5 Strikers the Reds Should Be Looking at in January

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    Liverpool's front line is in dire need of an injection of goal scoring ability. 

    As of this weekend, Liverpool currently sits barely mid-table in the Premier League and, unless things change, is running out of time to climb the ranks.

    I'm sure the fans have had about enough of seeing the team struggle continuously with this proble, and it's about time the frustration showed from the team as well.

    The Merseyside derby clash with Everton should be the last straw for everyone involved. After the 2-2 draw with Everton, the team needs to stop making excuses about the way the other team plays, however justified they think those claims are, and look at themselves.

    Luis Suarez, who was wrongly called out for not scoring enough, is seemingly the only forward showing up. His six goals are easily leading the team and the only other players who have made the score sheet have one goal apiece.

    The comments about Suarez do bring up the main issue here. Liverpool are in dire need of offensive help and must buy a striker in January. With Andy Carroll out on loan, not that he's done anything of note so far as a Red, and Fabio Borini on the sidelines, Liverpool must act quickly to address the situation.

    Here are, in no order of quality, the forwards I think Liverpool should take a look at bringing in when the transfer window opens.

1. Didier Drogba

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    While Didier Drogba is by no means a long-term fit or solution for Liverpool's scoring woes, he does represent a (near) perfect solution in the short-term.

    Drogba, currently in China with Shanghai Shenhua, is no stranger to the Premier League. His eight years at Chelsea were prolific and cemented Drogba's standing as one of the greatest strikers in the world.

    While he may not be the same player he was during his prime years at Chelsea, Drogba is still a highly skilled forward, and he certainly hasn't lost the scoring touch. In 10 games, he's tallied eight goals for the Chinese squad. Not the same skill as the Premier League, but still a good indicator of his form.

    Also, while spite is not the best reason to make such important decisions, there's also the caveat that Drogba played at Chelsea, and bringing him to Liverpool would be a major diss to their rivals. You can't tell me that it wouldn't feel great to throw something like that in Chelsea's face.

    Joking aside, especially since Liverpool are in no position to say anything to Chelsea with the way they are playing, Didier Drogba would definitely provide Liverpool with an attacking force upfront.

2. Javier Hernandez

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    It may be an unlikely transfer, but Javier Hernandez definitely presents the best option for Liverpool.

    Javier Hernandez has put Manchester United into a bit of a bind over the last couple of weeks. Lately, he has come up with important quality goals for United, and has forced Sir Alex Ferguson's hand as it pertains to his playing time.

    Robin van Persie and Wayne Rooney are no doubt the guys at the top of the team sheet for attackers, but Chicharito's emergence has proved he's worthy of a spot in the first team. If he's not getting that at United, he may seek it elsewhere.

    Selling a promising player like Hernandez to Liverpool probably is not an appealing thought to the Red Devils, or fans, but it does make sense. If he's not going to play, and he wants to start, then why not cash in on his high value? Plus, with Liverpool being a rival, they can probably jack the price up a bit to get the deal done.

    It's a win-win situation.

    Hernandez would slot right into a role spearheading the Liverpool attack. While it would leave the forwards a bit undersized, Javier Hernandez has proved that his size is no factor in his ability to score goals in the Premier League.

3. Klaas Jan Huntelaar

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    It seems like Klaas-Jan Huntelaar's name gets brought up, regardless of his play, during every transfer window. Whether it's because he has been under performing, like at Milan, or he's thriving, like he currently is at Schalke 04, Huntelaar's name is a polarizing one during transfer season.

    Just like all of the other times, Huntelaar's list of suitors is quite long, and, according to some sources, they have done just that. Either way, though, Liverpool would be well served to do their best to acquire him.

    It would be a fit for both sides as well.

    Obviously, Liverpool is desperately looking for a striker, but this could also be Huntelaar's last chance to prove that he can provide for a top European club. No offense to Schalke, but they are not considered among those elite European teams.

    He enjoyed some success at Real Madrid before transferring to Milan searching for first team minutes. His spell at Milan was not received well, though that could be a reflection of his playing time rather than his skill set, and he transferred to the German club.

    In Germany, he has regained his form and now it is time to make one last attempt at the "big show". He has the attacking skills to make it and Liverpool might just be the right fit for the Dutch attacker.

4. Dries Mertens

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    Easily the most exciting name on this list, Dries Mertens is an interesting option for Liverpool. While he's not a striker, he normally plays out on the wing, Mertens has shown some prolific skill in the goal scoring department.

    Since moving to PSV Eindhoven in summer of 2011, he has been scoring nearly at will. So far this season, he has five goals in 11 appearances. Last season, he scored 25 goals in all competitions, including 20 in 23 league appearances. That's incredible when you think about it.

    Liverpool have been tracking Mertens this season and seemingly are preparing a bid this winter. The Belgian winger has insisted he's happy at PSV for now. As history proves, though, those words are to be taken with a grain of salt.

    For however many times a player insists he is happy at his club, there are just as many times said player then gets transferred. It's just the nature of the beast in football.

    Still, regardless of the rumors, Dries Mertens is an attacker that makes a lot of sense for Liverpool, and they will make a serious run at signing him.

    A winger may not make sense for Liverpool, but who's to say that he is forever cemented to that position. Heck, a move to a more central position could even make him more effective. No doubt, if he's half as good as he has been in the Dutch league, he would be a welcome sight at Anfield.

5. Fabio Quagliarella

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    Fabio Quagliarella is my one wild card pick. Every good list should have a wild card. He's the most unlikeliest of choices, given no rumored interest, and he's definitely not the prettiest name on the list, but it could work.

    For his entire career, Quagliarella's main objective has been to be "the guy" in attack. Unfortunately for him, his lack of consistency has often marred his goal.

    This year with Juve it seems that he has found that consistent scoring touch. Despite not being given regular starting minutes, Quagliarella has always seemed to shine whenever he has been on the pitch for the Italian squad.

    Quagliarella, despite the inconsistency, has always found a way to be at the forefront of discussions. His penchant for unlikely goals, and important ones, is what makes him a dynamic player.

    Rumors persist about a possible transfer from Juventus, but Quagliarella insists there is no truth. It's also unlikely that Juventus will let him leave for cheap or if he would even want to go to Liverpool.

    Liverpool's Italian experiments have proved unsuccessful so far, and that might shy them away from a move like this, but Fabio Quagliarella is not Andrea Dossena or Alberto Aquilani.

    Maybe I'm biased (I'm admittedly a huge fan of his), but I think he could fit at Liverpool. If anything, his improbable and clutch goals can keep the spotlight away from the other failures in attack.