Worst Football Dives Video Explores Wonderfully Hilarious World of Flopping

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 12, 2012

Cry all you want about NBA flopping. Just be glad the plight never entered the level of diving world football faces. 

Here is a magical collection of dives so precious it should be tucked away in a museum somewhere. 

Talk Sport (h/t Bob's Blitz) provided this beautiful video of footballers performing the best, or worst, flops in the business. 

Yellow cards are not necessary, because these athletes really need Oscars for the dives they perform on the pitch. 

A little warning: You may find a good amount of anger welling up inside of you when watching soccer players fly past gamesmanship and land into the world of egregious flopping. 

Get by that moment and you will find yourself LOLing from the fake massacre that's taking place.

The best part may be at the 1:02 mark when Barry Pepper's character from Saving Private Ryan shows up to pick off world-class athletes one by one.

The man doesn't miss.

Sure the NBA has its issues that warranted a new rule change, but the Association never had it this bad.

Well, except for when Blake Griffin takes the floor

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