Kenny Miller: I Was Wrong

RangersMedia .co.ukCorrespondent IMarch 4, 2009

There comes a time when you have to hold your hands up and say you got it wrong.

When Smith signed Miller in the summer, I gave up on going to watch Rangers. I said I wouldn't be back until they were both gone as I thought Miller was a bag of rubbish and I already despised Smith with a passion. I would say the decision was probably 70 percent protest against Smith and 30 percent protest against Miller. (I have been bad once, but there was a genuine reason for it.)

Having no doubt heard our thoughts and chants on him in the run up to the end of last season it has to be said that Millers decision to come to us was the second most craziest move in Old Firm history. It took a very brave boy to put himself and his family in that position of moving back to a "hostile" Old Firm goldfish bowl and overcome the initial booing of his every touch.

It would have been easy to buckle, but for me, Miller's mental strength has helped him overcome the rough ride.

Now, some might see this as an over-reaction a week or so after he has bagged a couple of doubles but it started me thinking about how he has been playing all season. I honestly cannot remember losing or drawing a game and blaming Kenny for it. He has missed a hatful of chances but they all seem to have happened in games where they didn't matter. What I can remember though is the important and decisive goals he has set up or scored in his second spell at Gers.

His doubles at Timmy Park and Easter Road were sublime moments, his double the other night made it more comfortable for us in what was starting to be an uncomfortable match and again yesterday another crucial double to fire us back to the top of the league.

Unlike the very frustrating Mr. Boyd, Miller puts in a shift every time he is on the park and you can see he clearly rattles defenders, which more often than not leaves gaps for his big "lazier" partner to nip into and steal the limelight.

I also like his refreshingly honest attitude. The other week he admitted he hadn't been capturing his early season form but that he was working hard at training and since his introduction at Timmy Park, he appears to be getting somewhat back to his best.

So where does that leave me? Do I relinquish my protest on the basis that I got Kenny wrong or do I continue on the basis that Smith still frustrates the living hell out of me?

I think I will leave it until the 30th May to decide on that...