Spurs to Become a Feeder Club For Manchester United?

CarlyluvsunitedCorrespondent IFebruary 28, 2009

 Spurs player Roman Pavlyuchenko has got great timing and his prowess for scoring in the box is exemplary. But his timing was a bit off today as he spoke to The Daily Mail.
He has rocked Tottenham on the eve of their Carling Cup final, by admitting he dreams of playing for their Wembley opponents Manchester United.
Pavlyuchenko has explained how deep the bad feeling toward Berbatov and United goes within the Spurs ranks. roman pavlyuchenko spurs player
Berbatov is actually not in the squad to face Spurs, as it happens.
We all know Berbatov refused to play at the start of the season to try and force through a move to Manchester United...and now Roman has declared he too would like to follow Berba up North and play for United as well.
"It would be wrong not to dream about this. I have realised the English Premier League is exactly why you should start playing football in the first place. And Manchester United is the leader of it. Once your first dream comes true you must start dreaming of another target."
I bet these revelations have gone down a treat in the Spurs dressing room.
As you're preparing for your one single chance of silverware this season, one of the most loved and most talented players says he has his heart set on playing for the opposition...nice work Roman...Mind you, he does look good in red ;) .....