Arsenal Transfer News: 3 Players on Arsenal's Radar

Ralph Longo@ IIIJuly 16, 2012

Arsenal Transfer News: 3 Players on Arsenal's Radar

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    At this time of year, as teams gear up for the 2012 season, everyone is scrambling to pick up the best possible players via transfer to strengthen their squad to the fullest degree possible. With Arsenal, there's no exception. 

    Arsenal will look to acquire the best players they possibly can to get back on top of the Premier League. Manager Arsene Wenger is looking to get a few top players from around the world to join his squad. So, here are three top players on the radar of arsenal to acquire via transfer in the coming weeks. 

1. Yann M'Vila

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    M'Vila is a top defensive mid-fielder and, at the age of 22, is just entering his prime as a footabller. According to, M'Vila has been on Arsenal's radar for 18-plus months now, and he'd definitely be a terrific addition to Wenger's team. The only problem is that M'Vila could potentially be very expensive, so that could be the determining factor in whether or not he winds up in an Arsenal uniform next season.

    Also hurting M'Vilas case to join the Premier League is that he's been arrested three times in the past two years. Do the Gunners really want a player, who is undoubtedly talented, but has definite character issues and could be a potential liability down the line on their team?

    It's a question they'll have to mull over in the coming weeks as they make decisions regarding transfers.  

2. Alvaro Negredo

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    Negredo is certainly a hot commodity this offseason. He's being heavily targeted by both Liverpool and Arsenal (via the Daily Star). It's likely going to cost them upwards of 20 million pounds, so it's a big-time investment that they have to seriously look at before making any decisions.

    Negredo is a dynamic player who would be a great addition to the Gunners. He's an excellent striker, and if he ends up in an Arsenal uniform, this team could be very dangerous and score a lot of goals in 2012.

    It's a lot of money to spend, but with a player who is the quality of Negredo, it's likely money that will be well worth it come season's end. 

3. Clint Dempsey

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    Though he's nearing the age of 30, American Clint Dempsey is still a great player who will help out any team that he plays on. Like Negredo, Dempsey is also a highly sought after commodity, who could potentially be acquired by Liverpool as well (via IB Times). So, it could be a bidding war between the two to get the rights to the American star. 

    Dempsey has expressed a desire to play in the Champions League, and seeing as Liverpool failed to qualify last year, he's probably leaning more towards Arsenal at the moment (via the Mirror). Why would he want to play for a worse team, especially since he's in the second half of his career? 

    Dempsey definitely wants to win now, so if the choice comes down to Liverpool and Arsenal, expect him to be a Gunner next season. 

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