David Beckham: Olympic Cut Is Betrayal of the Highest Order

Nathan JudahCorrespondent IJune 28, 2012

Why me Stuart?
Why me Stuart?Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

I woke up this morning to the shocking news that England's biggest sporting icon, an ambassador for soccer worldwide, and a huge reason why the Olympics is being held in London—was unceremoniously cut from Great Britain's final 18 man squad.

Whether you like or loathe David Beckham OBE, you will find few who could have argued against his selection for the Olympics.

Not only is Stuart Pearce's decision one of the most despicable actions I have ever known, the way it has been handled is equally as dreadful.

Why pick him in the initial 35-man squad when you don't intend to select him for the final 18?

Do you not know quite what you're getting? Over 800 appearances for club and country

Is he not match fit? He's currently the only active player in the squad—playing in last weekend's LA Galaxy 3-0 demolition over Vancouver.

Does he not have a big enough name to erase the continuous question marks of soccer being included as an Olympic sport? I'm not even answering that question.

David Beckham has been royally screwed and left yet again to act dignified in his response when inside he must be absolutely seething and wondering why he continues to aid every Great Britain and England sporting bid when he gets treated like this.

It was Beckham's last hurrah and one he truly deserved after missing the 2010 World Cup finals with an Achilles tear.

And the three players who are going?

Ryan Giggs—great player who has never played in a major finals but is struggling to rebuild his career after his "alleged" affairs with his brother's wife and Big Brother-reject, Imogen Thomas.

Craig Bellamy—another Welshman who, although not convicted of assault, has been involved in several violent incidents over his career including allegedly attacking then Liverpool teammate John Arne Riise with a golf club, cleared by a court for assaulting two women in 2006 and was recently bailed on an alleged assault claim where two men received facial injuries.

Micah Richards—so dismayed to be left out of Roy Hodgson's Euro 2012 squad that he refused to be named on standby (where he would have eventually been selected) but is now rewarded with an Olympic selection.

Three great choices Stuart—congratulations

I know you want to win a tournament to re-establish your fading name at club and England Under-21 level, but sometimes a morally wrong decision is far worse than any possible tactical reasoning.

A selfless ambassador has been robbed of a dream by a selfish man.

Good luck Mr Pearce.