Emmanuel Eboue is Digging His Own Grave

clash terribleContributor IFebruary 9, 2009

I never loathed Emmanuel Eboue and I've always maintained that he was a stunning right back until Bacary Sagna came and deposed him from his natural position.

After losing his position to Sagna, Eboue was thrown around in the team at various positions. He played in the right midfield, on the left and if my memory is not failing me, in the center too.

He was not at all exceptional in these roles and it would have been a bit unfair to expect so, as he was getting adapted to a new position and was being juggled to fit formations in different parts of the pitch. It is not at all easy.

During this jittery stint he was booed out by the Arsenal fans for a match and from then on he has featured in the newspapers every other day. I suspect whether the press would have spent this much space on writing about him when he was playing decently for Arsenal, than now.

But that is the way the press is.

After yesterday's red card dismissal against Tottenham, things will get more and more tough for Eboue and it might even lead to an exit in the summer. There were rumours that Inter Milan and a Spanish club had shown an interest in him.

The problem is that during this lean period for Arsenal, when they are struggling to claw back into the top four in the Premier League, a player like Eboue is turning out to be a burden for the team.

After getting booked for dissent, the player got a reality check when his reckless kick earned him a red card.

World football is going though a precarious phase, the inexplicable liaison football and the outside economy means some strains are to show up in the business of football. Some reports suggest that there was increased pressure on the Arsenal board that they had to do a last minute scramble to sign Arshavin.

It seems that if they don't strengthen their team with established names, they fear they might see a reduction is their corporate box and executive seats, which form a good chunk of the match day revenue.

So Arshavin's signing might prove to be a turning point, as it might force the under-performers to be pushed aside or sold and Eboue seriously fits the bill. He is not a favorite among the supporters and is now turning utterly callous on the pitch too.

I can foresee him departing in the coming summer transfer window.