FIFA 13 Trailer: Watch Glimpse of Future Classic from EA Sports

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJune 4, 2012

EA Sports has delivered a trailer for the upcoming FIFA 13 just in time for soccer geeks and video game nerds to descend upon E3. 

The two-minute spot has me as giddy as a fat kid that hears the ice cream truck coming down the street. The best sports franchise will unleash yet another chapter, and here is the video that will wet our collective whistles. 

We all have to wait until late September to get our hands on a game that will be just as good as past iterations. 

Sure, each edition has its little hiccups. FIFA 12 amazed us all with some rather floppy rag-doll physics. However, there is hardly a more consistent video game series. 

Every single year I can guarantee that hours of my life will be spent wasting away and getting fatter as I attempt to actually make Fernando Torres a worthwhile soccer player, albeit in avatar form. 

The coming months will no doubt include far bigger geeks than me discussing the ins and outs of this magical game. 

The trailer does allude to some goodies in the form of attacking intelligence, first-touch control and more. 

The one addition I am interested to examine further is Kinect voice commands. 

Now, you can yell commands on the fly to get your team to play a more aggressive game or one that is far more defensive minded. 

Strategy on the fly could be a huge plus for Xbox 360 owners. The bigger treat is your ability to let the expletives fly and actually change the way the game is officiated. 

If you are anything like me, you may receive a bounty of yellow cards from the living room.


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