10 Famous Red Cards in Football History

Mikhail TurnerContributor IIIMay 24, 2012

10 Famous Red Cards in Football History

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    There have been some famous red cards in World Football history.

    All these red cards are famous for different reasons, whether its the player involved, the effect they had on the game, or some other reason.

    Fans of the game recall these moments more than most.

    Here are the 10 Famous Red cards in Football history.

Zinedine Zidane: 2006 World Cup Final

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    One of the greatest players to ever play the game was involved in one of the most famous red card incidents in the history of the game.

    After an altercation with Marco Materrazi, in which the Italian had some not too nice things to say about some of his family members, Zinedine Zidane delivered possibly the most famous headbutt in sports history.

    Needless to say, after some deliberation between the center referee and his assistant, Zidane received a red card in the last game of his career, and one of the most important.

Josip Simunic: 2006 World Cup

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    While Zinedine Zidane's red card was unfortunate for both the player and the team, Josip Simunic's was more comedic. Not that Graham Poll would think so.

    Simunic was the recipient of three yellow cards before being given his red card in a 2006 World Cup group game against Australia.

    The Croatian defender was given his first yellow card in the 61st minute, received a second in the 90th minute, and a third after the game ended. It was not until his third card, given for dissent, did Graham Poll actually give him his marching orders.

    Here is Poll's explanation as presented by BBC;

    "In explaining his actions to the committee, Poll said he incorrectly noted down the name of the Australia number three Craig Moore when booking Simunic for the second time and failed to realise his error."

Kieron Dyer and Lee Bowyer: Premier League

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    It's one thing to head-butt your opponent and receive a red card but Kieron Dyer and Lee Bowyer took things to the next level when, while both playing for Newcastle, they fought each other in the middle of a Premier League match.

    As would be expected, they both received red cards for their actions.

David Beckham: 1998 World Cup

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    One of the worst moments in David Beckham's well publicized career came in his younger days. Before the Englishman became the star that he is now his hot head led to a sending off in an important game for his national side.

    After being on the recieving end of a foul from Diego Simeone, Beckham retaliated against the Argentine star with a leg swipe, right under the referee's nose.

    Beckham left his team to fight until penalties where Argentina eventually came out as victors.

Frank Rijkaard: 1990 World Cup

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    The dismissal of both Frank Rijkaard and Rudi Voller when the Netherlands and West Germany met in the 1990 World Cup isn't easy to forget.

    Voller was certainly more the victim than Rijkaard, whose actions, as you can see in the video, were certainly deserving of a red card.

Wayne Rooney: 2006 World Cup

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    Wayne Rooney's sending off against Portugal in the knockout rounds of the 2006 World Cup is famous thanks to the role his then team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo played in the event.

    Rooney's actions alone, a stamp in the sensitive regions of Ricardo Carvalho, may have gotten him sent off but Ronaldo tried to make sure that happened.

    He flew in to protest to the referee and his wink to the Portuguese bench after his actions made him a subject of much booing from fans in English stadiums when the Premier League season restarted.

Laurent Blanc: 1998 World Cup

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    Laurent Blanc was another player who fell prey to his opponents scheming, this being in a World Cup semifinal no less.

    Slaven Bilic showed some nice acting skills to ensure that the French defender was sent off but it didn't help Croatia win the game in the end.

    To be fair, Blanc didn't do himself any favors by raising his hands in his tussle with Bilic, but was still unfortunate to be on the end of the referee's incorrect decision.

Francesco Totti: 2002 World Cup

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    Francesco Totti's reputation was a mark against him in this situation and some would say it serves him right.

    His supposed dive in extra-time against South Korea led to a second yellow card and his dismissal.

    Italians were crying foul on the pitch, at the TV and in the stands when this moment occurred and the fact that they got knocked out made the situation even worse.

Luis Suarez: 2010 World Cup

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    Luis Suarez's handiwork in the 2010 World Cup quarterfinal against Ghana denied Africa its first semifinalist in the World Cup.

    The Uruguayan's actions were one of a kind in terms of a red card offense, and in trying out his goalkeeping skills he produced one of the game's most memorable red cards.

John Terry: Champions League

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    John Terry was lucky this act didn't cost his side a spot in the Champions League which they recently won.

    While no one knows whether or not Alexis Sanchez provoked Terry, his action, as captain of a team trying to get to a cup final, was ill-advised to say the least.