Can Andrei Arshavin Solve Arsenal's Poor Form?

Sean KellyAnalyst IFebruary 2, 2009

It's a frustrating time to be a Arsenal fan, to say the least.

Hopes of the regular Champions League spot seem to be in threat with Aston Villa currently flying high.

A goal drought seems to be stopping a number of needed wins, as well as some sloppy defensive mistakes.

And now, when you thought the January window might be able to help Arsenal turn around their slump in form and push for their seemingly inevitable top four spot, Champions League glory or just an FA cup. It seems as though the transfer genius Arsene Wenger hasn't chose to splash the cash as I really would like him to.

He has chose to put all of his focus on the Russian play-maker Andrei Arshavin.

The on-going saga still hasn't been wrapped up with only a number of hours left before the transfer market closes.

But really in my opinion no matter how great a player Arshavin is, he really is not what Arsenal are looking for. Their problems go much deeper than a lack of play-making ability. We are simply shouting out for a strong central midfielder and a decent centre back to accompany Kolo Toure. As a writer in the Sun quite amusingly said "Arsenal need a spine, not a boob job."

However can he help Arsenal from the current slump in form.

Well, yes I think.

A team currently clearly lacking in confidence when they are capable of so much more than a draw with West ham at the Emirates (no disrespect). So surely they can do with a confidence boost such as the addition of a world-class talent?

I'm not saying it will turn their whole season, and he will win them the premiership (cause quite frankly, he probably won't), but what he can do in terms of helping the teams spirit is unquestionable.

Now, all Arsenal have to do is finalise the deal...