Graham Taylor Back at Watford

Steven WoodgateCorrespondent IJanuary 23, 2009

In another life, Graham Taylor may have been a yellow coloured Yo-yo constantly heading back towards the hand of Watford. His immediate return to Watford hasn’t come as a big surprise; he has flung back in aid of his beloved club.

The 64 year old has been appointed as a non-executive director on the club’s new-look board as Watford looked to escape from the dangers of a relegation battle.

Taylor’s return will be one for the purist, a typically justified old head that will give the Hornets a wealth of footballing experience in taking the club forward.

He was brought in, not to be involved with Brendan Rodgers, but for his depth of knowledge regarding Watford as a club that will support Chairman Andy Wilson to get to grips with the state that the last regime left the club in.

Graham Simpson angered Honorary Life President Sir Elton John so much, so that he quit his post; Simpson incidentally left the club after he appointed Rodgers.

Taylor joins fellow veteran Frank Lampard Senior (Football Consultant) in attempting to restore structure and stability at Vicarage Road.

Graham Taylor is and always will be remembered fondly and has the upmost of respect at the club, fans idolised him and it is a return of a legend. He finds himself in a different capacity that what he is used to, but he will let the new management get on with the job in hand.

Brendan Rodgers would not be intimidated by Taylor’s presence. Instead, he will welcome his advice. No doubt, Taylor will voice his thoughts and worries and Rodgers will take that aboard, he is still a student of the game with much to learn.

This will help Rodgers develop as a manager and a coach as well.

Watford find themselves in a very delicate situation, championship football next season must be the priority. After a terrible start and the departure of Aidy Boothroyd, Watford began to look steady.

Boothroyd was not popular with the Watford faithful and they blame him for the current crop of players at Rodgers disposal. The new manager is always pursuing his own players and his own squad.

This will take time as money resources are not currently available. Watford fans will support Rodgers and having Taylor back on hand will reaffirm their support.