World Football: 20 Most Illogical Transfers and Flops of the Past 5 Years

Roberto Alvarez-Galloso@AlvarezGallosoChief Writer IApril 17, 2012

World Football: 20 Most Illogical Transfers and Flops of the Past 5 Years

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    The transfer period in world football happens two times a year. The present year is no exception, with clubs currently making decisions regarding transfers.

    While there have been wise decisions concerning transfers, there are some that defy logic. An invitation is made to BR readers to look at the transfers that defy common sense.

    The reasons for a transfer may be based upon the player not fulfilling the requirements of the team.The others reasons may be based upon the behavior and or personality of the player.

    The only suggestion is to sit back, relax, and enjoy.

1. Mario Balotelli to Manchester City 2010

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    Mario Balotelli was signed as a transfer from Inter Milan by Manchester City in the year 2010. Balotelli defies logic because of his erratic behavior and the acceptance of such by the Football Association (FA).

    Balotelli has been on a course of self-destruction that is threatening his chances at Manchester City. His erratic behavior may terminate his football career if it remains unchecked.

    According to The Guardian, Balotelli crashed his car with another in the area of Manchester known as Deansgate Locks. The Daily Mail revealed that Balotelli had a relationship with Jennifer Thompson, who also had a relationship with Wayne Rooney.

    The Daily Mail also revealed that Balotelli proposed to Holly Henderson, who is a model and Wayne Rooney's second cousin. According to BBC Sports. Balotelli tackled Alex Song during a match between Manchester City and Arsenal. In response to his behavior, Balotelli received a red card.

    The FA did not even ban Balotelli, and this reinforces his erratic behavior. The examples of erratic behavior include (according to ESPN Soccernet) throwing darts from his room window at his club's youth team.

    Balotelli justified his dart-throwing by saying that he was "bored". He could have hurt someone or caused another person to go blind.

    Balotelli claims (according to The Mirror) that he is going to see a psychiatrist to clean up his act. The psychiatrist will not be able to resolve the Balotelli issue.

    According to ESPN Soccernet, Inter Milan and Juventus told Manchester City that they do not want Balotelli this summer.

2. Carlos Tevez to Manchester City 2009

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    Carlos Tevez is next on the list of illogical transfers in Manchester City. Tevez came as a transfer from Manchester United, which defies logic given the enmity between the two clubs.

    Tevez made headlines during the current English Premier League season with his temper tantrum. He refused to participate in the UEFA Champions League match between Manchester City and Bayern Munich.

    The result was a victory for Bayern Munich and another reason why Tevez in Manchester City defies logic. After spending the whole season AWOL in Argentina, he was forced to make amends with Manchester City.

    Tevez appears to have learned his lesson at the present time. According to ESPN Soccernet, he thanked Roberto Mancini (Manchester City manager) for giving him a second chance.

    It remains to be seen what will transpire.

3. Fernando Torres to Chelsea 2011

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    Fernando Torres was the story for Chelsea and Liverpool during 2011. Torres transferred from Liverpool to Chelsea for the sum of $79 M in the beginning of 2011.

    According to ESPN Soccernet, Torres scored four goals in his career with Chelsea during the Premier League season. The problems with scoring affected his self-confidence and gave rise to doubters.

    Many people asked if the money spent on Torres was worth it. It appears that Torres is improving under the new Chelsea manager Roberto Di Matteo. Anzhi Makhachkala (according to The Daily Mail) expressed an interest in Torres.

    The Torres saga continues but it remains to be seen whether he was a great or an illogical choice by Roman Abramoivch.

4. Joey Barton to Queens Park Ranger 2011

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    Joey Barton signed with the Queens Park Ranger (QPR) as a transfer from Newcastle United in 2011. Barton has been an illogical choice for his on-and-off field antics.

    Barton received a red card for a head-butt against Bradley Johnson druing QPR's match against Norwich in the beginning of the current Premier League season. Alan Clark of The Observer (h/t The Guardian) reported that Barton commented on his Twitter account about the Football Association (FA) and Nietzsche.

    In his Twitter account, Barton challenged Derek Llambias (Newcastle United manager) to take a lie-detector test concerning his transfer to QPR. He also called Llambias and Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley names which cannot be used in this slideshow.

    A continuation of the escapades of Joey Barton is on the next slide.

5. Joey Barton to Newcastle United 2007

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    While it would have been better to invert the slideshow, the decision was made to do a retrospective slideshow on Barton. Barton signed with Newcastle United from Manchester City in the year 2007.

    Barton was denied a visa by the United States Department of State secondary to his behavior. The denial of the visa caused him to miss the friendly tournaments between Newcastle United and other clubs.

    According to The Telegraph, Barton used his Twitter account to criticize US Immigration laws as "hypocritical". Luke Edwards of The Telegraph wrote in his article dated August 26, 2011 doubting the investment of Newcastle United in Barton.

6. Aleksandr Hleb to FC Barcelona 2008

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    Aleksandr Hleb signed with FC Barcelona as a transfer from Arsenal in 2008. The transfer defied logic and Hleb paid a heavy price.

    Hleb admitted (in an article published in The Telegraph) that he lost his form and confidence while at Barca.  Hleb was loaned to Birmingham, Stuttgart, and Wolfsburg during his time with Barca.

    Hleb was eventually released from FC Barcelona in the beginning of 2012. According to RIA Novosti, Hleb signed a contract with the Russian Premier League club Krylia Sovetova Samara.

7. Stuart Downing to Liverpool 2011

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    Stuart Downing signed with Liverpool after playing for Aston Villa in the year 2011. The price for Downing's transfer was $32 M.

    According to Michael Cox of ESPN Soccernet, Downing has not scored a goal and has not been consistent in matches. The only exception to the rule was his performance for Liverpool FC during the Carling Cup.

8. David Bentley to Tottenham Hotspur 2008

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    David Bentley signed with the Tottenham Hotspur from the Blackburn Rovers in 2008. He was eventually loaned to Birmingham City and West Ham United but was not a success.

    Bentley is the center of a conversation concerning a loan to the MLS. Rob Segal (Bentley's agent) made the announcement in an article published at ESPN Soccernet.

9. Keirisson to FC Barcelona 2009

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    Keirisson signed with FC Barcelona from Palmeira in the year 2009. Almost immediately, he was loaned to Benfica, Fiorentina, Santos, Cruzeiro and Coritiba.

    It defies logic why a club would sign a player and loan him a week after the contract was signed.

10. Dmytro Chygrynsky to FC Barcelona 2009

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    Dmytro Chygrynsky transferred from Shakhtar Donetsk to FC Barcelona in the year 2009. The result was a disaster in which the player was returned to his former club in the year 2010.

11. Nuri Sahin to Real Madrid 2011

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    Nuri Sahin signed with Real Madrid from Borussia Dortmund in the year 2011. Since then, he has seen little action secondary to an injury to one of his knee ligaments.

    Sahin has recovered to the point where he can experience some action. Unfortunately, it appears that (according to Michael Cox of ESPN Soccernet) Sahin's transfer to Real Madrid went too far and too fast.

12. Ronaldinho to AC Milan 2008

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    Ronaldinho played for FC Barcelona from 2003 to 2008 until he transferred to AC Milan. During his period with FC Barcelona, Ronaldinho scored 250 goals with 110 titles.

    Ronaldinho was also the recipient of the Golden Ball and FIFA World Player, according to the FC Barcelona website. He participated in La Liga BBVA, UEFA Champions League, Catalonia Cup and Spanish Super Cup.

    What was a success in FC Barcelona is not usually a success in AC Milan nor the most logical. Ronaldinho was not at his best in AC Milan and had to compete with Antonio Cassano and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

    In the end, Ronaldinho wanted to return to Brazil to prepare for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

13. Zlatan Ibrahimovic to FC Barcelona 2009

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    Zlatan Ibrahimovic signed with FC Barcelona and it appeared that there was no logic nor compatibility. In his autobiography, Ibrahimovic talks about his relationship with Guardiola and the club.

    Ibrahimovic blamed Lionel Messi for his failures at Barca and said that Guardiola lacked fortitude. Ibrahimovic talked about being ignored by the people in Barca including Guardiola.

    In the end, Ibrahimovic was loaned to AC Milan and his move eventually became permanent.

14. Gabriel Milito to FC Barcelona 2007

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    Gabriel Milito signed with FC Barcelona as a transfer from Zaragoza in the year 2007. He was a great player but there were no results.

    The reason was an injury to his knee ligament. He also lacked consistency and the result was a transfer to the club Independientes in Argentina.

15. Luis Suarez to Liverpool 2011

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    Luis Suarez signed with Liverpool FC in the year 2011 from the Dutch club Ajax. He was a success on and off the field until an incident made people think twice about Suarez.

    Suarez racially abused Patrice Evra of Manchester United. The result was an eight-match ban and a fine of $63 T by the Football Association (FA).

    The news segment was reported in The Guardian. Suarez apologized but later refused to shake hands with Evra during the match between Liverpool and Manchester City.

    In response, Rio Ferdinand did the right thing in not shaking hands with Suarez. The Sun reported that Sir Alex Ferguson suggested that Suarez be expelled from Liverpool for his conduct.

16. Melvin Valdez at Rubin Kazan

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    According to Michael Cox of ESPN Soccernet, the only problem with Melvin Valdez is his ability to score goals. The only notable exceptions are the matches between Rubin Kazan and the Shamrock Rovers.

17. Kleber at Porto 2011

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    According to the article written by Michael Cox of ESPN Soccernet, the only problem with Kleber in Porto is a lack of great performances.

18. Mauro Zarate at Inter Milan 2011

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    ESPN Soccernet reporter Michael Cox wrote the following about Mauro Zarate in his article "Five Players Struggling At Big Clubs." He said that Zarate was at the right place but at the wrong time in Inter Milan.

19. Yuri Zhirkov to Chelsea 2009

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    Yuri Zhirkov was signed by Chelsea FC from CSKA Moscow in 2009. Zhirkov did not fit in the pattern of Chelsea during his period with the Blues.

    He was transferred to Anzhi Makhachkala by Chelsea FC so that the latter could sign Luka Modric.

20. Giovani Dos Santos to Tottenham Hotspur 2008

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    The signing of Giovani Dos Santos with the Spurs in the year 2008 defied logic. The Spurs expected miracles from Dos Santos like the ones in Barca.

    Instead, the Spurs loaned Dos Santos to Ipswich Town, Galatsaray and Racing Santander. In the beginning of 2012, it appeared that Dos Santos was moving toward signing with a team from La Liga BBVA.

    At the present time, nothing has transpired, with Dos Santos languishing as an unused substitute for the Spurs, according to ESPN Soccernet.


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    The transfers that defy logic are part of the past, present, and future of world football. It is important to highlight the illogical transfers of the past five years for the sake of posterity.

    I would like to thank the BR Readers for their time in reading and watching the slideshow. My best wishes to all until next time.