World Football: 10 Most Ridiculous Goal Celebrations

Colin Stone@Colin__StoneContributor IIIMarch 7, 2012

World Football: 10 Most Ridiculous Goal Celebrations

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    Everyone loves a good goal celebration.

    Whether it's Robbie Keane's cartwheel and pistol combo, Henrik Larsson's sticking out of his tongue or Nani's backflip, all fans have their personal favourites.

    However, those may change after you've seen my top ten most ridiculous celebrations.

    From the hilarious to the downright bizarre, enjoy!

Jimmy Bullard & Hull City

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    The video explains it quite adequately.

    After Hull City boss Phil Brown made his team sit out on the pitch for a halftime team talk, Jimmy Bullard took inspiration from this incident to form his next goal celebration.

    The Man City players must've been trying extremely hard not to laugh.

Kanu & West Brom

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    This one seems to be a case of "right place, right time."

    Evergreen striker Nwankwo Kanu, after scoring this goal against Spurs, decided to celebrate with a nearby ball boy.

    He looks a bit terrified (the boy, that is, not Kanu) but at least it's something he won't be forgetting any time soon.

Stjarnan FC No.1

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    These lads are the kings of goal celebrations, and this video is just the first of several in my list.

    Not much is known about this small Icelandic club, other than their wonderfully inventive ways of enjoying a goal.


Emmanuel Adebayor & Man City

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    A moment of utter madness.

    Adebayor, for some unknown reason, thought it would be cool/funny/idiotic to celebrate the goal he had just scored against former club Arsenal by sprinting the entire length of the pitch to take in the aplomb of the Gunners' fans.

    Great idea, Emmanuel.

Robbie Fowler & Liverpool

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    Robbie Fowler was never one to shy away from the limelight.

    In the 1999-00 season, in the midst of controversy regarding Fowler's apparent drug use, the Liverpool striker celebrated scoring a penalty against bitter rivals Everton by using the white line of the penalty area to simulate snorting cocaine.

    Unsurprisingly, Fowler's very silly (but hilarious) celebration got him a four-game ban.

Stjarnan FC No.2

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    It's the genius Icelandic lads again.

    The small first division side have a plethora of goal celebrations which you can spend plenty of time on YouTube looking at, so selecting the best ones is quite tricky.

    However, this one definitely makes the grade.

Peter Crouch & England

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    Everyone knows this one.

    When Crouch first used this utterly ridiculous celebration, he became an Internet sensation.

    Shame the same couldn't be said for his goal scoring abilities...

Stjarnan No.3

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    How do they find the time to come up with these?!

John Guidetti & Feyenoord

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    Man City's wonderkid John Guidetti, currently on loan at Dutch club Feyenoord, has enjoyed a fine season in the Eredivisie.

    However, arguably his most famous moment has been when he joined the planking craze in a goal celebration.

    He did quite a good job of it, but the supporters must've wondered what on earth he was doing...

Stjarnan FC No.4

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    This is, without doubt, the most ridiculous celebration of all time.

    It also happens to be the greatest.

    The Stjarnan players may not be winning the Champions League any time soon, but they deserve medals for this heroic effort.