AC Milan vs. Arsenal: Massacre in Milan as Gunners Suffer 4-0 Defeat

DENZEL CHRISTOPHERContributor IFebruary 15, 2012

Arsenal battered by AC Milan at San Siro
Arsenal battered by AC Milan at San SiroShaun Botterill/Getty Images

As Arsenal come to terms with their San Siro Champions League roasting, one thing is clear: This bunch of players is about as bad as it can get for North London’s once finest.

It is one thing to lose a game, but another to do so in such hopeless fashion. Yes, it was and is now that bad!

Arsene Wenger’s deliberate indifference when it comes to signing quality players in a timely manner and his sterile coaching crew have made for a very destructive cocktail every February, for the past six-plus years.

The lesson, it would seem, has not been learned, nor is it likely to be.

In a season that started with all of the confidence of an accident victim, and has continued with intermittent performances that would wake the dead in rude grief, this fire brigade squad is in real danger of rewriting the records for all the wrong reasons.

From the pathetic Old Trafford mauling earlier in the football season to last night’s Milan massacre, it’s been a story of death by infrequent installments.  

To be honest, we can forget about the Champions League this year since the chance of Arsenal beating AC Milan at the Emirates in the second leg lies between slim and none.  Furthermore, to not qualify for next year's competition is a thought best left untouched!

Indeed, the fans have beheld an era of high-priced mediocrity and fickle loyalty. Yes, this is not exclusive to Arsenal, but the club has now acquired the reputation of being irrelevant as a football club.

In terms of transfer activity, they are a glorified Everton, with only a better marketing gloss. At least that Merseyside club genuinely has no money to spend. That is not the case with Arsenal, at all.

Crucially, Arsenal needs a football director to ease the manager of the huge weight he has carried for so long.  Alternatively, a bold and younger coach needs to be hired to give the club new life and motivation. Mr. Wenger clearly has either lost it or is struggling with the glaring reality of a grave outlook for the storied club.

Simply put, this proud locale and its legion of fans deserve better!