Juventus Roundtable: Should the Old Lady Make a Big Move in January?

Danny PenzaSenior Writer IJanuary 5, 2009

After two months on the sidelines because of busy lives and the holiday season, the Juventus Roundtable has returned to discuss January’s hottest topic: the winter transfer window.

The usual suspects, Danny, Marzia, and Zahi are back to debate whether any type of move is really needed during the January transfer window and what should be bought if in fact a move is made.


As far as the January transfer window is concerned, I think that Juventus should lay low. The team has been spectacular in the first half of the season, especially considering the alarming rate of injured players.

Gianluigi Buffon's return date is planned for Jan. 11 but with Alexander Manninger proving his worth between the sticks, he has shown that no one is irreplaceable.

As for the offense, with Amauri and Alessandro Del Piero’s successful partnership in the attack, David Trezeguet’s absence has gone by quietly.

The two positions in which Juventus could, but not necessarily should strengthen perhaps right away are the midfield and defense.

A creative midfielder has been high on the club’s list. I can see Juventus acting during the summer on this, but I don’t see how Werder Bremen’s Diego, who has been heavily linked with a move to Turin over the past year, would fit into Claudio Ranieri’s squad.

As for the second addition I would like to see Juventus bringing in a decent centre back. Whenever Giorgio Chiellini is out injured the sense of security in the defense is lost. Olof Mellberg usually does the job without fuss, but he’s hardly the same caliber as Chiellini.

I’m realistic and seeing it as Juventus has not come this far just by skill, but also with a bit of luck. I still don’t think that the club needs to act in the transfer market this month. Ranieri has built a harmonic squad that works cohesively and bringing in new faces in January would just disrupt the flow.

There’s just no need to fix something that isn’t broken.


Considering basically all the injured players going to be ready to go when the Serie A schedule gets back underway next weekend, making a big signing doesn’t make much sense at all.

If you look at the names coming back this month, Gianluigi Buffon, David Trezeguet, Tiago, Christian Poulsen, and Mauro Camoranesi, they will almost be new signings considering, other than Camoranesi, they haven’t played in months.

That doesn’t mean I think the squad is perfect by any means. However, I do like this new type of blue-collar mentality that the team has adopted since their return from Serie B.

As I wrote after the 4-2 victory over AC Milan three weeks ago, the youngsters in this season’s squad showed that a big-time signing isn’t needed. Claudio Marchisio showed he can dominate in the center of the midfield and Paolo De Ceglie can also be a force on the wing. And by now, we should know that, while he isn’t getting much playing time this season, Sebastian Giovinco is a name to remember.

The media can link Juve to whomever they want, but bring in a big-time signing in January could possibly mess up the dynamics of a team that is built on chemistry and unity.

The only thing that Juve should do is possibly attempt one or two small signings to sure up the team’s depth, even though they have so many people coming out of the training room. Another center back is probably needed. Olof Mellberg has been steady but Dario Knezevic has been anything but that. And to add to his woes, he’s been out injured for most of the season.

If anything big does happen, I would think it would be for next season. Juve are probably examining the market for a replacement for Pavel Nedved, who is almost certain to hang up his boots at the end of the year.

David Silva has been a name that Juve have been linked to in the past week or so and I think he would probably be at the top of people’s lists. If in fact Sporting Director Alessio Secco is interested in bringing the Valencia winger to Turin, I would be thrilled.

Other than De Ceglie, the aren’t too many options who are ready in-house. Due to the fact that the Giovinco as a left winger experiment hasn’t gone as well as some had hoped, Somebody other than De Ceglie should be brought in.


I hope that Juventus will be crowned Serie A champions, but I don't think the current Juventus squad can clinch the Serie A title. Juve do not have enough squad depth to be league winners. Pavel Nedved has not gotten much rest this season and Cristian Molinaro is not a particularly great full back.
In my opinion, Juventus have arguably the best striking force in the world with Alex Del Piero, Amauri, David Trezeguet, and Vincenzo Iaquinta all available strikers. And with the youngsters blooming, the only problem lies at the left back position. Lyon’s Fabio Grosso might be the answer, although he will be ineligible for Champions League matches should he join from Lyon in January.
While if Juventus want to drop the defensive midfielder partnership in the middle of the pitch in their formation, an attacking midfielder like Diego might be the man to add creativity to their midfield.


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