50 Cheekiest Goals in World Football History

Mikhail Turner@MikhailTurnerContributor IIIJanuary 16, 2012

50 Cheekiest Goals in World Football History

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    These goals all have an "Ah, what the hell, let me try this" aura about them. They are also the goals  that have the crowd going, "I can't believe he just did that." They are, in a word, cheeky.

    Oddly enough, some of the cheekiest goals can also be some of the most brilliant. Some were scored by great players and others by players you have never heard of.

    Here are some of the cheekiest goals in World Football history.

Hide Behind the Keeper

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    This goal is always funny when it's done. It takes some stealth and creativity.

    The best part is that all the fans in the stadium can see what's happening before the keeper if they are really watching.

Denis Law Back-Heel

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    The back-heel is one of the cheekiest ways to score, and Denis Law makes it look pretty simple here.

Yossi Benayoun in Chelsea Pre-Season

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    Yossi Benayoun does this in pre-season, but it was still pretty cheeky. He kept flicking the ball up with his heel and just decided to finish that way.

Robbie Keane Comes from Behind the Keeper

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    Another hide-behind-the-keeper goal. Robbie Keane makes sure he gets clear of the goalkeeper first before he slots the ball in.

Theyab Awana Penalty Back-Heel

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    This is probably the cheekiest goal of all time.

Angel Di Maria Cheeky Goal

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    Angel Di Maria tricks the goalkeeper with a finish from a very acute angle. All signs normally point to a cross from that position.

Mario Balotelli Shoulder Goal

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    Mario Balotelli's goal is testament to his—well, I am not really sure, I guess. It's definitely a cheeky one.

Daniel Sturridge Cheeky Back-Heel

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    Daniel Sturridge even described the goal as cheeky. He could have tried to round the goalkeeper, but decided the back-heel would serve him just as well.

Gary Crosby

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    Gary Crosby literally takes the ball out of the keeper's hands and scores. This is an even funnier variation of scoring while coming from behind the keeper.

Robert Pires

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    Lobbing the goalkeeper inside the box is quite cheeky. Robert Pires does so with his usual French panache.

Dean Saunders

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    Dean Saunders shows some creativity and cheek with this wonderful goal. You just have to watch it.

Daniel Agger Back-Heel

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    Daniel Agger does a very casual back-heel here in what was a important Europa League game for Liverpool.

Lee Sharpe

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    Lee Sharpe had to put the ball in that way. The cross was behind him, so really he had no other choice, right?

Eric Cantona Lob

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    This goal is one of Eric Cantona's best and cheekiest.

Cristiano Ronaldo Back-Heel

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    Cristiano Ronaldo had knowledge of where the goal was, but you really could not expected him to try that in that moment.

Luc Nilis

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    Luc Nilis goes past the keeper and still finds the time to cheekily back-heel the ball into the net.


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    Alright, the keepers out, let me just give this a go. It was a brilliant goal from Iniesta but cheeky as well.

Dimitar Berbatov

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    Really cheeky goal here from Dimitar Berbatov that added even more insult to Fulham as it was the fifth goal for Manchester United.

    He embarrassed both his defender and the goalkeeper with that.

Ezequiel Lavezzi

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    This goal is pretty amazing considering the difficulty and it's pretty cheeky too.

Karel Poborsky

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    The goal is at the 1.28 mark. When the scoreline is that high, it's a bit cheeky to score like that.

Felipe Caicedo

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    Felipe Caicedo got a little help with this, but the idea was definitely his.

Ricardinho Goal

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    Ricardinho had no control of the ball and was seemingly not in control of the situation, but he gets his goal in the end.


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    This striker stalked his prey and had time to play with him a little before the kill. The act of actually hiding out of the keeper's peripheral vision makes it even funnier.

Paul Scholes Back-Heel

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    The goal is at the 1.15 mark.

Cheeky Penalty

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    Chipped penalties are cheeky ways to score a goal. The more exquisite the chip, the cheekier it is.

Xabi Alonso Goal

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    Xabi Alonso scores a really good goal from inside his own half.

Totti Chip Penaly

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    Totti leaves the goalkeeper fooled with a great bit of ease.

Thierry Henry Free-Kick

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    Thierry Henry uses some quick thinking to get the best of one of his biggest rivals.

Thierry Henry Back-Heel

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    Thierry Henry actually had a man behind him for his back-heel, which makes a bit more cheekier than the rest.

David Beckham

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    Embedding disabled so you have to actually watch this on YouTube. David Beckham with a cheeky goal in his early days.

Zinedine Zidane Penalty.

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    The absolute magnitude of this game made this goal even cheekier.

Fabio Aurelio Cheeky Free-Kick

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    Fabio Aurelio fools everyone with this cheeky free kick.

Steven Pienaar

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    Steven Pienaar does away with goal with aplomb.

Matt Le Tissier

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    Matt Le Tissier scores some special goals. This  one was both special and cheeky.


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    This is another cheeky back-heel goal.

Another Cheeky Goal

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    Again, you can just see the event unfolding. The goalkeeper had no chance. His reaction is pretty funny too.

Roberto Mancini

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    Roberto Mancini's goal was definitely cheeky. He had every intent of scoring with his back-heel.


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    Coridon's scorpoin kick was a pretty good.

Mancini Back-Heel

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    Mancini's back-heel goal is probably one of the best known back-heel goals. It definitely fits into the category of cheekiness.

Dejan Stankovic

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    Dejan Stankovic decides to stick out a leg and gets lucky with a cheeky goal. He's actually done it twice.

Giovani Dos Santos

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    Giovani Dos Santos adds insult to injury with a brilliant chip at the end of the Gold Cup final.

Halfway Line Goal

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    Halfway-line goals from the kickoff are definitely cheeky.

Straight from the Kick-off

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    That's a bit cheeky isn't it? Trying to and successfully completing a halfway-line shot straight from the kick-off.

    UNC women were not to be outdone.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Back-Heel

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    Zlatan Ibrahimovic has one option left to score, and he uses it well. It was a game-winner and a title-winner.

Gonzalo Higuain Fools the Goalkeeper

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    Gonzalo Higauin fools his defender and then the goalkeeper with a cheeky finish.

David Villa

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    Forget the "from half-court phrase." David Villa gets cheeky with this goal.

Madsen Supergoal

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    There is not much more to say about this.

Raul Gonzalez Lob

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    Raul Gonzalez still has the touch.

Matias Urbano

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    Matias Urbano shows a lot of cheekiness with this goal.

Inigo Martinez Halfway

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    You know what adds to the cheekiness of this goal? It was the winner and it was in extra time.

    This wasn't his first time doing this