Chris Paul Trade Rumors: Best Landing Spots for in-Demand Point Guard

Chris CortesCorrespondent IDecember 9, 2011

Chris Paul Trade Rumors: Best Landing Spots for in-Demand Point Guard

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    A new NBA season is upon us, and the trade rumors are flying as training camps open today and teams assemble their rosters for the upcoming season.

    Chris Paul's name has been all over the media with trade rumors with different teams vying for his services. Here are the best landing spots for the star point guard.

4. Boston Celtics

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    The Celtics are ranked right below Golden State because this is a strictly win-now situation. 

    Paul would join an aging team with maybe one last Finals run in them. The Celtics' Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce are 36, 35 and 34 respectively. Both Allen and Pierce can still knock down a perimeter jumper, while Kevin Garnett is almost automatic on a pick and pop. 

    This team would excel offensively this year with Chris Paul being able to get all these players the ball where they need it. 

    However, this team has a lot of question marks going into this year. 

    Allen and Garnett will be free agents at the end of the season. 

    With their age, is it worth retaining them? Will they settle for less money? 

    Can Allen and Pierce defend players like LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Carmelo Anthony in the Eastern Conference? 

    Can Boston make a big splash in free agency in 2012? 

    While the Celtics present a possible win-now situation, all the question marks put Boston fourth.

3. Golden State Warriors

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    The Golden State Warriors may not be the best “win-now” scenario for Chris Paul, but it could be a good future move and a fun team to watch. 

    The Warriors would most likely have to part with Stephen Curry if they dealt Paul. 

    This would leave the Warriors with backcourt of Chris Paul and Monta Ellis or Chris Paul and whomever Monta Ellis could be traded for. 

    If Ellis is traded for an athletic swingman (i.e. Rudy Gay, Andre Iguadola) and the Warriors land Paul, they would have two pieces that fit perfectly within Golden State’s up-tempo offense.

2. New York Knicks

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    The Knicks would be another great landing spot for Chris Paul. 

    If the Knicks end up signing Tyson Chandler, him and Paul would be reunited and could average about three to five alley-oops a game. 

    Paul would also form his own Big Three with Amar'e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony. 

    One issue that Paul may run into is Stoudemire’s injury history with his knees and back. 

    Also, Stoudemire could also be the one dealt in order to obtain Paul. 

    Even with possibly missing out on playing with Stoudemire, Paul may still have the opportunity to pair up with Chandler and Anthony, which makes New York a prime place for him to be.

1. Los Angeles Lakers

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    Going to the Los Angeles Lakers would probably be the best landing spot for Chris Paul. 

    Paul would probably have the best opportunity to win now while also setting himself up well for the future. 

    Paul would take the pressure off of Kobe Bryant on the offensive end while having the ability to lock up quicker point guards, an issue that the plagued the Lakers last year. 

    Making this move could attract another player to play out in Los Angeles, which could set up the Lakers nicely for the future. 

    The Lakers are most likely Paul’s best landing spot, as he has an opportunity to win now as well as win later, as the Lakers are always a big landing spot for star players.