Miami Marlins and the 8 Worst Logos in Sports

Sam Schwartz@seschwartz365Correspondent INovember 12, 2011

Miami Marlins and the 8 Worst Logos in Sports

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    Earlier tonight the Marlins held a conference at their new ballpark to reveal their future plans. Not only did they switch their title from Florida to Miami, but they also unveiled a new logo, colors and revamped uniforms. 

    These changes were initiated in order to give the Marlins a new identity that would fit in with their neighbors at their new home in Little Havana. 

    However, the new salmon, yellow and blue color scheme, as well as the strangely futuristic logo have only disgusted baseball fans around the country. 

    The Miami Marlins' logo is just one of many professional sports team emblems that has failed in every way.

    In this slideshow I will rank the eight worst current logos in professional sports. 

8. New York Islanders

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    It seems like everything has gone wrong for the Islanders since they last won a playoff series in 1993.  

    Not only have they been one of the worst teams in the Eastern Conference for the last decade, but the Islanders play in the ancient and hideous Nassau Coliseum and have one of the ugliest logos in all of sports. 

    Granted, it is extremely difficult to come up with a symbol that coincides with their team name, but the Islanders' logo looks a lot more like an orange-stained blue circle than a a hockey stick over an outline of Long Island.

    All in all, while the color scheme is unique and catches the eye, the emblem in just plain old boring.  

7. Washington Capitals

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    Unlike the Islanders, the Capitals have been an NHL powerhouse since they drafted Alexander Ovechkin in 2004. However, Washington's hockey team is just as unsuccessful when it comes to its logo.

    Their alternate symbol of a red, white and blue bald eagle is awesome, but their main emblem is simply pathetic.

    I am not sure if it is supposed to be some strange modern interpretation of a retro style, or just the team's name with a hockey stick used as the letter "t" in the word "Capitals."

    Furthermore, the "t" seems to be slapping a small rectangular puck, which makes Washington's logo even more pitiful.   

6. Pittsburgh Steelers

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    The Steelers' six Super Bowl titles may be more than any other franchise, but their logo is worse than almost every other team in the NFL. 

    Pittsburgh's symbol, which sits awkwardly on just one side of their helmets, does not make any sense at all. While it is based upon the original symbol for U.S. Steel, it just seems like it was used as an easy way out of thinking of a logo for such an obscure team name. 

    The red and blue that take up almost half of the logo never show up anywhere else in the Steelers' legendary black-and-yellow color scheme, and thus seem like a ridiculous choice to put in a emblem that represents the illustrious franchise.

    Although the logo is not the greatest, I do respect Pittsburgh for sticking to tradition and using the same symbol, no matter how strange it may be, for nearly half a century.      

5. San Diego Padres

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    The Padres are one of just eight MLB franchises that have never won a World Series title. Just as San Diego lacks the history of other baseball clubs, their logo does not have the intrigue of almost every other team.

    While the main problem with the Padres' symbol is that it has no eye-popping features, it also hurts that they have changed the emblem continuously throughout the years.

    Right now San Diego's logo is solely the letters "S" and "D" toppled onto each other in white on top of a midnight blue background. 

    Overall, the emblem is forgettable and undistinguished from other symbols. 

4. Cleveland Browns

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    What is the Cleveland Browns' logo?

    The mistake that Cleveland's NFL franchise made by naming itself the Browns, was that it was destined to have trouble coming up with a logo.

    The team has toiled with a brown dog, a brown "B" and finally a brown helmet. The helmet has stuck because it is really the only logical logo that can be used for team with such an obscure name.

    There is no reason to like or dislike this emblem, but because it is so boring, it has reserved itself a spot on this list.   

3. Toronto Raptors

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    The Raptors are one of many NBA expansion teams that were given a very childish name and an equally strange logo. 

    While their alternate emblem of a dinosaur claw fused with a basketball is among the better in the league, their main logo is completely ridiculous.

    Its odd shape and cartoon raptor in the process of dribbling a basketball seem to be a lot more fitting for the cover of a children's book than a professional sports team.

    To be honest, the Raptors were given no choice but to create this idiotic logo with the awful name that they have used since they were founded in 1995. 

2. Miami Marlins

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    I am not sure if the Marlins' new logo is supposed to attract fans to their future ballpark, or scare them away. 

    The color scheme is awful and does not really coincide with the fish that the team is named after. Moreover, it does not pay homage to the heritage of the Latino community that the franchise is trying to attract. 

    The "M" would make a lot more sense if the Marlins were an arena football team, but it seems to be way too futuristic for a club that is competing in a league that dates back to the 19th century. 

    It has yet to be determined if this new symbol will help Miami, but for now, the emblem is just an eyesore.  

1. Oklahoma City Thunder

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    When the Seattle SuperSonics announced that they would be moving to Oklahoma City, they waited months to reveal their new name.

    After the franchise chose to call itself the Thunder, it was given the difficult task of coming up with the best color scheme and logo that would fit with that name.

    The end result was blinding. 

    A light blue, orange-red, gold, navy and white blob with the acronym "OKC" smeared upon its surface and the word "Thunder" hovering over it in huge letters. 

    Furthermore, the basketball in the center of the symbol seems perfect for an elementary school recreational team, not an NBA powerhouse. 

    The emblem is boring and seems way too innocent to represent a franchise with such a threatening name.