Baseball Superstition Laws For the SuperFan

Curt HoggCorrespondent IIDecember 7, 2008

Don't step on the foul line in between innings. Don't talk to a pitcher who is throwing a no-hitter or perfect game. You should shave your head if you're slumping. The good ol' rally cap.

Baseball is a very superstitious game for the players. But what about the fans? Well, I have come up with the superstition laws to abide by if you're watching the game.

1.If your team hasn't scored for four innings, change your seat (if you are at the game, then change your position in your seat).

2. If your team hasn't scored for seven innings, sit on the ground. The same rule from No. 1 applies if you are at the game.

3. If your team is winning during the seventh inning stretch, go get two pens and hold them for the seventh and eighth innings.

4. In the ninth, if winning, chew a piece of gum on the left side of your mouth for lefty hitters. Chew it on the right side for right handed hitters.

5. If winning in the ninth or extras and tieing run is up, put the brim of your hat completely flat. Of course, this only applies to fans with hats on. If the winning or go-ahead run is up, don't blink during plays.

6. If watching the game at your house and a slumping player on your team is up, sit on top of your chair.

7. If a veteran is starting at pitcher, eat one fruit snack or cookie before the game. If a rookie is starting, eat two fruit snacks or cookies.

8. If your team has a baserunner, don't go up or downstairs.

9. For day games, wipe your TV twice for luck and once for night games.


11. After an error or wild pitch commited by your team, point to the player.

12. If playing a team on the west coast (or on east coast for teams in the west division), hold your breath for the first batter.

13. NEVER MISS THE FIRST PITCH. The only exception to this rule would be if you have school or work and can't make it home in time for first pitch.

Here are some situational rules for when your team is hitting.

1. Bases loaded—cross toes

2.During a bunt, squint one eye.

3. Runners on the corners, pound your feet together.

4. Runner on third base, less than two outs—mute the TV.

5. In a tie game when tieing/winning/go-ahead run is up, put hat on backwards (if it already is on backwards, put it on forwards).

Now, there is no scientific way to determine the odds of winning if you follow those rules, but it's baseball.

There are actions you can do for good luck and there are objects that are lucky. Here are my lucky objects: Gum, fruit snacks, towels, the remote control, lucky stuffed animals (preferably chickens), flat brims, magic eight balls, peanut shells, wax, and lucky underwear.

Of course, with the lucky comes the unlucky. Here are my unlucky objects: Loose wrappers, footballs within 5 feet of you if you aren't playing catch, red minivans crossing your path (you can ride in one, though), pink chairs, and Ned Yost.

There you go. I hope you enjoyed reading my list and will try to imply those rules to your baseball game watching routine. But if your team if playing the Brewers, please don't follow them.

Article Photo: Ben Sheets always wipes his brow. Must be a superstition.