Chris Bosh: What He Needs to Do to Gain Some Respect

Adam DavisCorrespondent IAugust 31, 2011

Chris Bosh: What He Needs to Do to Gain Some Respect

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    Since being acquired by the Miami Heat last summer, Chris Bosh has been under almost as much pressure as their other offseason pickup, LeBron James

    Whether or not you agree with Boozer or Shaq that Miami has two superstars, Chris Bosh needs to put in some serious effort to be considered in the company of Wade and LeBron. 

    Bosh is a former fourth overall draft pick and is a six-time (consecutive) All-Star. He is a skilled player who knows what to do with the ball, but could use a boost to his stat lines from last year if he wants to impress NBA fans this coming season. 

    Bosh was the star of the show in Toronto, but his efforts this past season left much to be desired. Let's see what CB1 can do to improve his game, and his image, while defining his spot in the Miami Big Three. 

Work On Boxing Out (On Both Sides of the Court)

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    Before coming to the Heat this past season, Bosh was averaging 9.3 rebounds per game in his career. He only ripped down 8.3 while playing for Miami, and also dipped under two offensive rebounds per game for the first time in his career.

    With Wade and LeBron (plus whoever comes in at point guard) taking most of the shots, Bosh needs to be there for easy putbacks or for second and third chance opportunities. Bosh has the ability to average 10 or more boards per game, and he just needs to toughen up in that category. 

    The Heat were destroyed by Tyson Chandler's rebounding ability in the finals, and Bosh needs to start pulling down a lot more boards in order to work on that team-wide weakness. 

Rack Up Some More Assists

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    One thing that makes great big men great is not their ability to dominate a defender on the inside, but rather to draw that defender, then make a great pass to a wing player or a someone cutting through the lane.

    Bosh's assist totals dropped under two per game for the first time since 2004-05, which is crazy considering the talent he has the opportunity to pass to.

    Bosh should be drawing defenders with him into the low post, then dishing it out to the other stars on his team for the finish. It seems like a perfect textbook play that could really boost his stats. 

Get to the Line More Often

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    Bosh made 81.5% of his free throws last season—one of the highest totals on the Heat. With that kind of accuracy, he should be attempting more than the 6.1 free throws he shot this past season. 

    Bosh is skilled at attacking the hoop and drawing fouls, and that's definitely something he can improve on heading into next season. Considering both LeBron and Wade are shooting just over 75% from the stripe, Bosh could help take advantage of putting the opposing players in foul trouble. 

Beast Up Around the Hoop

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    According to a breakdown of his shot attempts on, Bosh only used 5% of his offensive possessions on dunks, racking up a grand total of 1.2 points per game from throw downs. These numbers are nearly half of those that he put up in his last season on the Raptors where he dunked 9% of the time and scored 2.5 points off dunks. 

    Granted that LeBron is widely considered the dunker on this Heat team, Bosh needs to show the fans (and himself) that he can be a beast in the post when the situation calls for it. 

Grow His Hair Out Again

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    This one has nothing to do with Bosh's abilities on the court, but I think the guy in this picture looks a lot more badass than the Bosh we all saw this past season on the Heat. 

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