Top 10: Worst Oregon Ducks Uniform Combinations of All Time

Nate Hanson@natemhansonCorrespondent IIAugust 30, 2011

Top 10: Worst Oregon Ducks Uniform Combinations of All Time

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    The Oregon Ducks football program is known for their jaw-dropping "style" when it comes to outfitting their players.

    With more than 500 uniform combinations, the brains at Nike are bound to make a mistake in there somewhere.

    We're going to focus on those mistakes.

    If you're a die-hard Ducks fan, you'll love your team no matter what they wear.

    The threads in this list simply make it harder to stick up for your team at the local bar.

    All the uniforms on this list either made you puke or looked like puke on television.

    These are the ugliest uniform combinations the Ducks have ever worn—and most of them have come in the past 10 years.

Honorable Mention

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    Before we get into the top-10 worst Oregon Ducks uniform combinations, I wanted to start off with a jersey combination that didn't quite make the list.

    While it did make me throw up in my throat a little bit, it wasn't quite bad enough to be top-10 worthy.

    It is unfair to make Haloti Ngata squeeze himself into this green and yellow combination. Do those yellow pants look good on anyone?

    What do you think the Baltimore Ravens fans would say if they could see their two-time Pro Bowl defensive lineman dressed up like this?

    Now it's time for the top 10. Get your barf buckets ready. It's not going to be pretty.

10: 2009 Civil War

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    When Oregon played Oregon State in the 2009 Civil War game, fans had to look at these monstrosities.

    Throwbacks are cool (see: 2009 California at Oregon game), but adding a new logo to a throwback combination? Not cool.

    Put a white lid on these players and this combination doesn't make the list. As it is, it receives one puke point while coming in at No. 10.

9: UCLA at Oregon 2010

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    ESPN 3D was in the house.

    There was a lot of pressure on the Oregon Ducks fashion staff to come up with something impressive and eye-popping.

    But this?

    The four quarters must have seemed more like some form of cruel torture for the national television audience.

    Oregon rolled the Bruins from start to finish in this 60-13 blowout, but they could have at least looked good doing it.

8: Road Jerseys for 1995-96 Season

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    We have to include all the road jerseys worn for the 1995-96 season.

    Often, people make it seem like it is only the Ducks' new jerseys that are worthy of disgust. That simply isn't true.

    These road warriors were visually offensive and vomit-inducing.

    The real question is this: If Oregon were to suit up with these in 2011, would they receive more or less laughter than they will wearing the new Nike Pro Combat uniforms?

    I think these oldies would win the laughter battle every time.

7: Home Jerseys for 2001-02 Season

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    His name was Captain Comeback. Joey Harrington's legacy will forever live at Autzen Stadium.

    The uniforms that the 2000-01 Ducks wore, however, have died like a quarterback making his first start in a night game at Autzen.

    The team played well, so the jerseys aren't often refuted.

    But can you imagine having to watch a .500 team in these threads?

    The white road version was much better.

    Fortunately, Colorado chose to wear their dark uniforms in the Fiesta Bowl.

6: BCS National Championship

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    Someone at Nike got their highlighter out for the BCS National Championship game.

    Oregon wore their carbon-fiber helmets, white tops and green pants for "The Natty," but it was the socks that got all the attention.

    These jerseys may not have made the list if it weren't for these socks—but they're that bad.

    Who knew that socks could ruin an outfit? Apparently not Nike.

    At least the whole world wasn't watching this game or anything. No worries.

5: Home Jerseys for 1998-99

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    Again, why do we pick on the new uniforms so much? The home jerseys worn for the 1998-99 season were horrific.

    Oregon now uses the terms "Thunder Green" and "Lightning Yellow" to describe their colors.

    If you were going to give a name to these colors, it'd be "Pee Yellow" and "Vomit Green."

    Were jersey sales down in 1998? If so, I think I know why.

    Oregon did beat the Huskies in 1998. I guess things could be worse. The Ducks could have purple as their primary color.

4: UCLA at Oregon 2006

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    Oregon pulled out the all yellow uniforms and green lids for their October 14th game against the UCLA Bruins in 2006. They shouldn't have.

    They won the game, but the players would have been better off wearing sweats or Under Armor.

    What is good about these uniforms?

    If this was any other team, this would have been the worst uniforms they had ever worn. For the Ducks, it's only the fourth worst.

3: Boise State at Oregon 2007

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    These eyesores were rolled out for the Ducks game against the Boise State Broncos at Autzen Stadium in 2007.

    If you recall, the game didn't exactly go like the Ducks wanted.

    True-freshman Darron Thomas almost rallied the team after Jeremiah Masoli was knocked out of the game in the first quarter.

    Before the game, most people thought the Ducks would win—no one gave the uniforms that much of a chance, though.

    It was pretty clear from the start that these yellow-based aversions weren't up to par.

2: Oregon at Arizona State 2006

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    Let's be honest. It's a good thing this game wasn't on television.

    When the Oregon Ducks traveled to the desert to face the Arizona State Sun Devils in 2006, they looked more like a baby shower than a football team.

    There's nothing tough or intimidating about a group of football players wearing what Crayola would call "canary-yellow" pants.

    I understand that the people in charge of the Ducks' fashion take more risks when the games aren't on television, but how could they look at this combination and think it looked remotely appealing?

    Maybe it's just one big joke.

1: BYU vs Oregon 2006 Las Vegas Bowl

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    The final score didn't help.

    When the Oregon Ducks got blown out by the BYU Cougars 38-8 in the 2006 Las Vegas Bowl, it looked bad in more ways than one.

    Before the game even started, Ducks fans had to listen to the announcers rip apart the ensemble that the boys from Eugene showed up in.

    Though they looked like fools, the Ducks exploded out of the tunnel before kickoff. It didn't take long to realize they weren't ready to play.

    Maybe if they had worn real football uniforms, and not biker helmets, things would have been different.

    Regardless, these go down as the worst uniforms the Oregon Ducks have ever worn. I would call them the worst uniforms ever to be worn by a football team, but did you see those Seattle Seahawks jerseys a couple years ago? Wow.

    Maybe it could get worse, Ducks fans.


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