Derek Jeter and the Top 10 Most Well Dressed Players in Major League Baseball

Asher ChanceySenior Analyst IAugust 23, 2011

Derek Jeter and the Top 10 Most Well Dressed Players in Major League Baseball

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    Babe Ruth had it all, and he wore the clothes to prove it.

    When he was the star of the New York Yankees and at the center of America's popular culture, Babe Ruth was both the nation's leading sports icon as well as the nation's leading cultural icon, and his style and substances spoke volumes.

    This was a guy who out-earned the President of the United States and outdressed him, too. Ruth, of course, was anamoly at a time when baseball players did not earn huge salaries and when many players actually had offseason jobs to make ends meet.

    More than 80 years later, in the 21st century, we discover that the more things stay the same, the more they change.

    Here is a look at 10 of the best-dressed players in Major League Baseball.

10. Mariano Rivera, New York Yankees

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    Hall of Fame pitcher, Hall of Fame dresser.

    Mariano Rivera is closing in on 600 saves, and his jacket is closing in on 600 threads per inch.

9. Cole Hamels, Philadelphia Phillies

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    This will be lost on most of our male-readers, but Cole Hamels is wearing jeans in this picture.

    If you concentrate hard, you can see them.

8. Curtis Granderson, New York Yankees

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    A 2011 AL MVP candidate, Curtis Granderson is coming into his own both on and off the field.

    I wonder if he uses Jeter's tailor or A-Rod's.

7. David Ortiz, Boston Red Sox

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    Looking like a stud in black pinstripes with the top two buttons undone, the vertical stripes are indeed slimming on this big man's big frame.

    Big Papi indeed.

6. David Wright, New York Mets

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    Close-shorn hair, stubble on the cheek, banker's suit; it is a good look.

    Sure, he kind of looks like an extra from a Ben Affleck bank-heist film, but whatever.

5. Evan Longroia, Tampa Bay Rays

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    When you play your ball in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area, you get to walk around looking like you just stepped off of a yacht.

    And hey: Longoria's a wealthy young man. Maybe he did.

4. Joe Mauer, Minnesota Twins

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    Oh, Joe Mauer; such a good looking lad.

    He makes casual look GQ.

3. Matt Kemp, Los Angeles Dodgers

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    Wearing a classic and retro-fabulous double-breasted suit on the red carpet at the ESPY's, Matt Kemp let the world know:

    Not only have I finally arrived at the plate, but I have finally arrived off the field as well.

2. Derek Jeter, New York Yankees

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    Derek Jeter is such a good looking guy, and there is certainly no shortage of style in his game.

    When it comes to classic style and substance, Jeter has both.

1. Alex Rodriguez, New York Yankees

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    Here's the deal:

    When you are the highest paid player in baseball, you play in New York and you are a pretty-boy by nature, you are going to have the best clothes available in the world.

    And Alex Rodriguez certainly does.