The All-Time Brazil Football 11

DinoCorrespondent IAugust 7, 2011

The All-Time Brazil Football 11

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    Without a shadow of a doubt, Brazil is the greatest football nation of all time. They are the most successful, with five World Cups won.

    They are also the only nation to play in every World Cup—no other nation can say that, and no other nation ever will.

    They also boast some of the greatest players to ever play the sport. To assemble their all-time 11-man squad is a challenge, but I have accepted the challenge and created the ultimate Seleção. 

Honorable Mentions

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    Claudio Taffarel



    Nilton Santos



Goalkeeper: Gilmar

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    Brazil's goalkeeper for the 1958 and 1962 FIFA World Cups, Gilmar was elected the best Brazilian goalkeeper of the 20th century.

    He played for the legendary Santos team led by Pele, and with Gilmar as the keeper, they won almost every trophy that came their way, including five national championships, and two International Cups, against Benfica and AC Milan.

Right Back: Djalma Santos

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    Djalma Santos was one of the most innovative and creative backs ever.

    He was one of the first defenders to ever show any attacking skills. His defense was key to Brazil's World Cup victories, and his offense also created problems for opposing teams.

    Djalma Santos is one of only two players to be selected to three World Cup All-Star teams.

Center Back: Carlos Alberto Torres

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    The captain of the legendary 1970 Brazil squad that took gold home for the third time, Carlos Alberto is one of the most legendary defenders ever.

    During an era in which defenders were hardly noticed, he stood out on every team he played for.

    Carlos Alberto was also a member of the World Team of the 20th Century.

Center Back: Domingos Da Guia

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    Domingos da Guia is not a very well-known player world wide. He played during the 1930s and 1940s, before Brazil ever won a World Cup.

    However, his importance in Brazilian football history is well known in his home country. Nicknamed "the Divine Master," da Guia is regarded as one of the best players in Flamengo and Corinthians history.

Left Back: Roberto Carlos

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    It was a tough choice between Roberto Carlos and Nilton Santos, but I couldn't resist picking this guy.

    Age has taken its toll on Roberto Carlos, but in his prime, he was the best defender in the world. His incredible combination of speed and strength helped him dominate the left wing of the field, defensively and offensively.

    His trademark free kicks are legendary, and he has scored goals that many believe will never be duplicated.

Right-Center Midfield: Didi

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    Before Pele was the best player in Brazil, it was Didi.

    Born Valdir Pereira, Didi won the player of the tournament award in the 1958 World Cup.

    He was one of the best midfielders in history, with incredible dribbling skills, flawless passing, and his trademark "falling leaf" free kicks.

Left-Center Midfield: Zico

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    When you are given the name "White Pele," you have to be a great player, and Zico was.

    One of the best finishers and passers in history and arguably the best free-kick taker in football history, Zico was hailed by Pele himself as the closest any player has come to being the next Pele.

    Unfortunately, Zico was never able to do what Pele did and win the World Cup.

Center Attacking Midfield: Ronaldinho

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    His days of greatness may be over, but if there were ever a player that could do whatever he wanted on the field, it was Ronaldinho.

    A two-time FIFA World Player of the Year and one of the the most creative players ever, Ronaldinho could do anything to get past his defender, whether it was taking the ball through him or over him.

    Ronaldinho was a magician.

Right Forward: Garrincha

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    The unsung hero of the 1962 FIFA World Cup, "Little Bird" Garrincha stepped up when Pele was injured and brought back the trophy for Brazil.

    He is said to be the greatest dribbler of all time, an unbelievable honor in football.

    His last days were filled with pain and sorrow, but Garrincha will always remain the joy of the people.

Left Forward: Ronaldo

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    The highest goal scorer in World Cup history, a three-time world player of the year, and one of the most prolific scorers there ever was, Ronaldo had dribbling and finishing abilities that were terrifying for defenders and keepers.

    In 2010, he was voted the best player of the decade on, receiving almost half the entire vote over players like Ronaldinho, Shevchenko, and Zidane.

Center Forward: Pele

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    He is simply known as "The King." Pele is not only a legend in football but a national hero in Brazil.

    He scored over 1,000 goals in all competitions, including 77 for Brazil. His dribbling ability, shot power, athleticism, and heading ability combined to make the greatest striker ever and arguably the greatest player ever.

    There will never be another Pele.


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