NBA Draft 2011: 10 Ways the LA Lakers Could Surprise on Draft Night

Maiah HollanderContributor IIIJune 24, 2011

NBA Draft 2011: 10 Ways the LA Lakers Could Surprise on Draft Night

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    The Lakers were humiliated by Dallas en route to the Mavericks' surprising NBA title run. Owner Jerry Buss realizes that his team needs to get younger and shoot better in order to reestablish their title legacy.

    Here are 10 draft day scenarios ranked in order from least to most likely—the possibilities are truly endless. 

Lakers Get Dwight Howard

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    No problem—they will send Orlando rights to the Staple Center and the Laker girls. 

Kobe Changes His Name to World War 3

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    As a counterbalance to Ron "World Peace" Artest, Kobe needs to continue his locker room dominance.

Phil Jackson Returns as Head Coach

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    Unable to cope with his newfound retirement, Jackson buys out Mike Brown and returns to the Lakers' bench.

Lakers Trade Up into the Lottery

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    Would Lamar Odom and a second-round pick be enough to jump into the lottery? Chances are no, but stranger things have happened. 

Trade Up into the Late First Round

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    Some team will want to get out of the first round, and the Lakers could realistically jump up to grab a role player.

Trade for Raymond Felton

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    The Lakers des[erately need a point guard with the aging Derek Fisher, and Felton is available and productive. 

Trade Andre Bynum

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    Would the 76ers make a deal to get Bynum for Andre Igoudala? While they would hate to lose Bynum, Igoudala is a game changer. 

Trade Pau Gasol

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    Gasol's stock is falling in Laker Nation - how good would Monta Ellis look in the backcourt next to Kobe?

Trade Lamar Odom

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    Would the Timberwolves accept Lamar Odom for Derrick Williams plus the horrific contracts of Darko Milicic and Martell can dream. 

Keep Second Draft Picks and Draft Four Players

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    Boring, boring, boring—however, probably the most likely scenario.


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