Kris Humphries: How the Free Agent Could Help Propel Boston Celtics to Finals

Nick Farnsworth@@nfarnswAnalyst IJune 18, 2011

Kris Humphries would be a great way for the Celtics to improve their roster.
Kris Humphries would be a great way for the Celtics to improve their roster.Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Kevin Garnett turned 35 this year, and with Glen Davis looking for a starting position, possibly elsewhere, it is time to start the search for the Boston Celtics' next power forward.

A high-energy, dedicated player is needed to back up and eventually replace one of the greatest players to ever wear a Celtics jersey.

Kris Humphries of the New Jersey Nets showed this year that he could possess the necessary tools to be the power forward for the team when Garnett decides to leave the game. His energy on the court and his extra effort on each play are exactly the style of play needed on a team whose star players are aging.

Although he may be looking for a large contract next year, it could be possible for Boston to create a contract that would match most other offers of similar value to sign him at a discounted price in the early years to fit with the cap issues.

At the age of 26, Humphries is young enough to train under Garnett for a year or two and eventually take the starting spot with confidence. He would add much-needed height and athleticism to the bench and would play well with the reserves and Delonte West, as well as with the starters and Rajon Rondo while splitting time with KG.

Although this free agent may be a bit of a reach due to his value to New Jersey, it could be possible to pick him up if the Nets are looking to make cap room for a big free-agent signing at the end of the season (Dwight Howard?).

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Humphries is a strong power forward, and would be a very reliable replacement offensively for Davis, whom he nearly matches in points per game average (10.0 to Davis' 11.7 this year). The Celtics could use some improvement in rebounding, especially off the bench, which is where Humphries would provide great support, as he averaged 10.4 rebounds per game this season.

Defensively he is extremely strong, averaging 1.1 blocks per game, with a very impressive off-ball effort that could greatly help limit the points against scored when the bench is on the court. He is a very hard-working player on defense and, after learning from Garnett, he could help to keep the defensive-minded spirit of the Celtics strong in future seasons.

Humphries has proven that he will be an effective starter, and with the help of Kevin Garnett and Doc Rivers, he could easily become one of the stronger power forwards in the league.

The major issue in having Humphries join the Celtics is finding room in the budget to sign him, and finding a contract that would allow the team to keep his salary small over the first year and increase it after some cap room frees up.

The other issue would be convincing Humphries to take a smaller role on the team with a smaller salary until KG no longer starts, but the Celtics' strong championship push and Doc's reputation could help to make this deal happen. If both sides could find a way to make things work, Boston fans would be more than pleased to see Humphries in green.


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