2010 World Cup: Lionel Messi Falling into Cheryl Cole's Trap? Weird!

Isaac Asante@isaacasanteCorrespondent IIMay 12, 2010

Cheryl Cole might be one of the most attractive ladies in terms of business and media, and surprisingly, she might not go to the 2010 World Cup tournament to back the fancy Cristiano Ronaldo or England, but Lionel Messi’s Argentina.

This is a recent football rumor taking over the Internet at the moment, but somehow, The Sun and Dailymail have succeeded in giving the public strong evidences which show that this is a big wish from the Ballon d’Or Winner. Here is what Lionel Messi said:

"I don't know if Cheryl is going to decide to support England. She might be a bit anti England players at the moment; if she is looking for a new nation to follow at the World Cup, she should look no further than Argentina (team).

"We play the prettiest football today, have the prettiest players, and Argentinian men also know how to treat their women. She would of course have to work the Tango. I don't think there would be a shortage of Argentine players willing to help teach her.”

How clear is this declaration from the Barcelona attacker? To me, it sounds pretty unambiguous. What more could he have told journalists?

Messi is obviously trying to turn Cheryl Cole into an Argentina fan so as to get more support and attention at the World Cup. Cheryl, who is 26, left Chelsea’s defender Ashley Cole after there were claims that the English international had acted unfaithfully against her.

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The X Factor judge is said to reschedule her trips this summer to miss the tournament unlike other English WAGs, but perchance, Messi could expect her to cheer the Argentina national side up throughout their World Cup campaign.

Messi is presently being accused by Argentine fans for not giving his all to his country, and as a result, the South African competition has now become a great challenge for the 22-year-old winger who has no other choice than pushing his country to glory come this July.

Is Lionel Messi drawing his attention on women instead of focusing on his trials? Or is he just playing a game to get the press excited?

No one knows, but what supporters in Argentina would want to see would be nothing less than a positive result in the final on July 11.