Manchester United: Five Things We Look Forward To In The Next Season

Maxx GCorrespondent IIMay 4, 2010

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - APRIL 17:  Paul Scholes of Manchester United celebrates with his team mates at the end of the Barclays Premier League match between Manchester City and Manchester United at the City of Manchester Stadium on April 17, 2010 in Manchester, England.  (Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images)
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I will not take it deep to the ups and downs of the Red Devils this season. As the season is making its way to the end, it is probably clear now that United are standing up to the place of the runners with Chelsea at the top. A one point difference perhaps snatched the dreams out of the Old Trafford.

But everything, whether the good or the bad (or the Ugly) has a lesson for us in the end. So, as we head our ways to the next season, what do the United supporters look forward to?

Let's take a look at the few things that 2010-11 season can have in the store for the Red Devils.

"Fletcher and Nani": Can they revive the days of "Scholes and Giggs?"

Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs have been the two pillars of United for seasons.

It always feels great to see the two perform down that field and score for United.

Perhaps the next season will be the last one for them. The old guards have been through all the good and bad times for the club and have rose to the level of Legends of OT.

Coming to fast forward modern day, Fletcher is included in the list of the PFA team of the year. He has played a great role in the midfield of United this year, holding the entire line with utmost supremacy and confidence.

Nani made his comeback with a bang. This left over fallen hero has shown what talent and potential he has got with his electrifying pace and quick feet dribbles.

There is no comparison to Nani with Giggs or Fletcher with Scholes, they play with individual styles. But as we head to the next generation, the present performances and speculative future — do they tell us of the rise of two superstars again?

Offloading the Mr. Miserable and Company

And the award of Mr.Miserable goes to Anderson. The much hyped hero from Brazil is hopefully not even making to the WC this year.

People say that let's give him another chance and prove himself, my answer is look at his wasted chances at the season's start, send him to a B-grade club and practice and experiment at ease there.

Unfortunately, OT is not for Rabbits and experiments.

Sorry Berbatov, you did not make it to the winner.

The 30m transfer from Spurs has raised the eyebrows of many critics for solid under-performing reasons and has remained a burden to the team at times.

Yet, he has scored in double digits and what itches most is the failure of Berbatov to rise up to his transfer price. Had it been a 12-15m one, we would not be talking so much.

The other name in the list is of Carrick, the lesser we speak the better we are here.

Edwin and Neville: Where are your Heirs?

The two persons I named above are the legendary figures for the Red Devils, with Edwin VDS being one of the best of the decade and Gary Neville being always the first choice for the team and the manager. It is time that we look for the future replacements, rather the heirs.

Neither Foster nor Kuszczak can take it to the level of Edwin VDS and the RB options of O Shea and Wes Brown are pretty fragile.

Is Rafael ready for the challenge or are the transfers needed from outside? While the transfer season will decide the fate of the heir to Edwin's heir definitely, the RB position is still in doubt.

My choice goes for Sergio Asenjo or Hugo Lloris as the goalkeeper, what are you thinking?

The Return of CR7 Welcome Back Home?

This may be the most impossible dream for the moment but still I would love to see him back home.

He has not been the United player at Real of course, and the recent talks of Sir Alex further inspires me to write this point. As he said, if 60m is available then he would only go for one —that is Ronaldo.

While United is having a big bad debt burden and this move may seem highly unrealistic at the moment but CR7 will always be welcome, the doors are open — homecoming of the Super-Legend?

Hallelujah: Wembley May 2011, an invincible Rooney and a delighted Sir Alex?

For those who are wondering what the hell is Wembley doing here, well it will be the finals meet for the UEFA Champions League 2011.

As United will fight its way through the fire rings and the race for the survival of fittest, can we see the Red Devils at the Wembley lifting the trophy?

Darwin may have predicted with his theory long long back about the survival of the fittest and Nostradamus may have told about Doomsday and all, but the rise of Wayne Rooney (whether mentioned or kept silent) is clearly inevitable.

As you make your list for the best players in the game, you keep running your mind through names—the case is different with Wayne, he comes to mind faster than light. I would love to take the blame of biased for this man, he deserves the Spot-Lights. Bang-On.

Sir Alex Ferguson is perhaps the live-wire of the team, he has been the driving force for a successful United for years. While he laughed off his retirement plans and continues to head to another great season, undoubtedly the old man has the magic — to make and build stars from scratch, to win them the dreams.

And if ever, the question arises, the only one who comes to my mind in this context to success Sir Alex, will be Jose "the special one" Mourinho. 


PS: "Now it's my time

        My time to dream

        Dream of the skies....

        .... I stand Alone, I stand Alone....."

                                  - courtesy: Godsmack.


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