Los Angeles-Houston: A Play-By-Play (and Other Miscellany)

Jo-Ryan SalazarSenior Analyst IApril 11, 2010

HOUSTON - APRIL 10:  Forward Edson Buddle #14 of the Los Angeles Galaxy scores his second goal of the game into an open net as Andrew Hainault #31 of the Houston Dynamo is late on defending at Robertson Stadium on April 10, 2010 in Houston, Texas.  (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)
Bob Levey/Getty Images

T minus 30 minutes to kickoff: The Los Angeles Galaxy are on the road this week to take on the Houston Dynamo, who are feeling the pinch from Brian Ching being out for a month due to injury and Cam Weaver getting a knock in training earlier this week. Two key players to watch out for are Brad Davis and Luis Angel Landin. Landin is a proven scorer from the spot, having proven himself against Real Salt Lake last week. Davis has tallied seven goals and 13 assists in his last 28 regular season contests and will be marked by Sean Franklin.

T-25: Edson Buddle will look to add to his goal total, while Landon Donovan looks to add a goal to his assist tally. This match will be on tape delay on the West Coast on Fox Soccer Channel, but I will provide the action live via a delay of ten or so minutes to upload this. You know how things work.

T-20: Line-ups:


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Manager: Bruce Arena

Formation: 4-4-2

Colors: White tops, white shorts, white socks

1 Donovan Ricketts

4 Omar Gonzalez ---- 20 A.J. De La Garza ---- 22 Leonardo ---- 2 Todd Dunivant

28 Sena Franklin ---- 11 Birchall --- 19 --- Juninho --- 18 Magee

14 Edson Buddle ---- 10 Landon Donovan (C)


Manager: Dominic Kinnear

Formation: 4-4-2

Colors: Orange tops, white shorts, orange socks

18 Pat Onstad

31 Andrew Hainault ---- 32 Bobby Boswell (C) ---- 2 Eddie Robinson ---- 17 Mike Chabala

9 Brian Mullan ---- 8 Richard Mulrooney ---- 20 Geoff Cameron ---- 11 Brad Davis

23 Dominic Oduro ---- 7 Luis Angel Landin

T-10: What the heck is going on with D.C. United? The Philadelphia Union get their first win, 3-2! Congrats to Philly, but D.C. is on the decline. Sebastien Le Toux with a tres bien performance.


1' - I'm following Joe Tutino here on the radio with this one.

3' - Corner for Houston, taken by Ricketts. Typing up the lineups here as we speak.

4' - We already have a couple of fouls to go with a warning shot from Edson Buddle in the first minute for the G's.

6' - Another shot for the G's goes high. Goal kick Onstad.

7' - Houston will be hosting Chivas USA on the 17, travel to Bridgeview to take on the Chicago Fire on the 24 and return home to face the Kansas City Wizards on May 1.

8' - Baldomero Toledo is our match official today.

9' - Dema Kovalenko is injured and will be out this match.

10' - The Galaxy will return to the Home Depot Center next week to take on Real Salt Lake, travel to KC on April 24 and then return to Victoria Street on the first of May to face the Union.

12' - Wide shot by Landin. Great marking by Omar Gonzalez. New England leads Toronto now 2-1.

13' - Here comes the Dynamo, but that won't work.

14' - And the Galaxy continue to press. Offsides, though.

15' - No corner for the Dynamo. Oduro pleads his case. Kinnear, the ice-cold Scotsman.

16' - This is a tight pitch here at Robertson. And Oduro cramps. He's up, though. Onstad resets.

17' - This is Landin. The pass to Oduro doesn't work. Offsides.

19' - Bruce Arena, looking on as Edson Buddle fouls Bobby Boswell.

20' - Here's Oduro. Omar Gonzalez, once again. Out of play.

21' - Here's Juninho. Houston's defensive backfield neutralizes the crosses on that stanza for LA.

22' - Throw-in for the Galaxy. Eddie Robinson forces another. Mulrooney forces yet another. This is broken record. Poor Mike Magee...he would have opened his account by now.

23' - Hainault forcing another Galaxy throw-in. I don't understand why Los Angeles hasn't figured out how to break this pattern. Donovan tackled hard...

Yellow Card 31 Andrew Hainault
Houston Dynamo

24' - Throw-in. A cross, and their tenacity holds.

Yellow card: 4 Omar Gonzalez
Los Angeles Galaxy

It's a tight ship run by Senor Baldomero Toledo.

26' - Cameron cross cleared by Gonzales. Transition, and here come the G's.

27' - GOAL! Los Angeles Galaxy 14 Edson Buddle
That's what his transition ability can do in the attacking third. An unassisted goal by the Galaxy's #14, his fourth of the campaign and LA leads one to nil.

28' - And another Dynamo player is shaken. Mulrooney gets up, though. He'll be subbed after that tangle.

Substitution Houston Dynamo
IN 27 Lovel Palmer
OUT 8 Richard Mulrooney

30' - Houston was walking wounded heading into this contest, and things are looking a bit more unstuck for the home side.

31' - That shot goes high. Goal kick Onstad.

32' - A free kick for Houston 40 yards away. Boswell keeps it alive, but Davis's volley is in the safe hands of the Big Cat from Kingston. Kovalenko suffered a hamstring injury in practice, allowing Juninho to earn more time.

33' - Palmer was a recent signee for Houston. He is living the dream.

35' - This will be a goal kick for Ricketts. Leonardo clears the chances for Oduro and Landin. Excellent work by the Brazilian. Hainault's shot from the corner goes over the crossbar. Goal kick Galaxy.

36' - Buddle's goal is the first at Robertson since 2007. A shot for Magee is squandered, and it will be a goal kick for Onstad.

Yellow Card: 19 Juninho
Los Angeles Galaxy

And he continues to run a tight ship, that Baldomero Toledo. Mercy.

37' - This marks the first time in Major League Soccer's history that all of the round's matches are held on the same day. Let's make that a habit, Mr. Donald Garber.

39' - Cameron gets knocked. Looks to be simulation, and Toledo fell for it. The gull...

40' - Throw-ins for Houston. Here is Brad Davis, who put that out of touch. The Texan Army shows their restlessness.

41' - Cameron's slow roller is easy pickings for Ricketts. Buddle couldn't reach that. Chabala with an ambitious volley in the Galaxy's third.

42' - Los Angeles has an intention to consolidate their lead. Toledo calls a halt to play, and Kinnear is asking for a card for an armball by Leonardo.

43' - Uh oh. This could get uglier.

Red card: 7 Luis Angel Landin
Houston Dynamo

And it goes from bad to worse for Houston. Terrible way to prove himself, and even more terrible way to go out.

44' - GOAL! Los Angeles Galaxy 14 Edson Buddle Assist 18 Mike Magee
Would you believe that! He equals his goal total from last year. All signs are pointing to the second coming of Edson Buddle with a nice finish after that initial save from Pat Onstad.

45' - Now hear this Houston is two goals and one man down. One minute of stoppage.

45' + 1' - Los Angeles sure made Houston pay for the brain explosion by Landin. The site is calling for Magee with the goal, but that will change.


Los Angeles Galaxy 2

Edson Buddle 27', 44'

Houston Dynamo 0

Houston...they have a problem. After a moment of madness in the Galaxy's half by Luis Angel Landin on Omar Gonzalez, Edson Buddle's brace continues to adds to the Dynamo's woes at Robertson Stadium.

On top of that...was Bruce Arena right regarding his comments about favoritism by the officials?

“That’s the job of the referee [regarding calls],” Arena said earlier this week. “You can’t play a game concerned about players trying to sell fouls. It’s part of the game and I think it’s the job of the referee to get those calls right.”

Bruce Almighty, indeed!


46' - The second half begins, and right now things are looking up for the G's. It's very likely that things will get a little bit more exciting this time. Let's see what happens.

Substitution Houston Dynamo
IN 26 Corey Ashe
OUT 32 Bobby Boswell

3-4-2 for the Dynamo. The G's continue their push to consolidate their margin, but a goal kick for Houston.

Chivas USA beats New York 2-0 and New England blew out Toronto FC 4-1.

47' - Shot for Houston goes wide. They continue to attack. Donovan clears.

48' - I think Landon wants in on the party. Throw-in for Dunivant. Leonardo with a clearance. A tight pitch makes for a fast game.

49' - Ashe doesn't get to that one. Goal kick for Ricketts.

50' - Colorado and KC are tied scoreless and so are San Jose and Chicago. FC Dallas leads the Columbus Crew 1-0. All matches are in the first half as of this minute.

51' - Whoops.

Yellow card: 14 Edson Buddle
Los Angeles Galaxy

I think Arena may be making some subs pretty soon. Ashe couldn't reach that on the transition. Toledo is having some fun being the center of attention right now, it looks like.

53' - Corner for the Dynamo. A chance to get back to it. This is Brad Davis. Gonzalez clears. Ricketts clears that. Take two.

54' - The crowd is up. That corner is punched away by the Big Cat. Throw-in Houston. High shot goes over the moon—actually the crossbar for a goal kick. No dice, Cameron.

55' - It's free flowing football in Space City. Gonzalez has been a workhorse. Yellow card? What yellow card?

56' - Offsides Houston, throw-in LA. Chris Birchall's shot goes over the top. He's a Soca Warrior, believe it or not. Born in Port-of-Spain.

57' - Diversity, we call it. Ricketts resets. The Dynamo continue to push, and the linesmen reward their perseverance with more throw-ins in the attacking third.

58' - Here's Mike Chabala with a throw. The ensuing volley is cleared by Sean Franklin. Los Angeles is making sure not to give Houston any quarter.

59' - Goal kick. This is a surface built on speed. Maybe too much speed. Here's Oduro, to Mullen.

60'- And now it's Cameron, now Palmer. Neutralized. The Galaxy is knowing their tendencies by the second. Goal kick for Ricketts.

61' - Juninho almost broke clear of the Houston defense, but Onstad stops him. He rests again, looking for somebody in orange in the Galaxy defending third.

62' - Here's Juninho again. He opts to reset. Robinson clears that possession. Ricketts grabs it. The Houston brass can be heard from the Texan Army.

63' - Double cursed was Mike Magee. A potential tap-in ends up in a goal kick.

64' - Diving save for Onstad on that one-timer from Buddle. This is a Galaxy side that will play as if they are in a scoreless draw. That's are focused they are. Bad throw-in for Oduro.

65' -
Yellow card: 11 Brad Davis
Houston Dynamo

Substitution Los Angeles Galaxy
IN 21 Alan Gordon
OUT 14 Edson Buddle

Gordon returns after a shake-up in the first week of matches. Let's see what he can do in relief for the man with the brace to pace the G's.

66' - Onstad's going to be on watch for the rest of this game.

67' - Excellent defending on that chance by Birchall. Arena says, "Pull the strings a little more! A little tighter!"

68' - Another foul on the G's, and now things get fun with 22 and stoppage to go. Offsides on Oduro.

69' - A diving save for Donovan Ricketts on that Cameron chance. Best so far from Kingston's Big Cat.

70' - Juninho, Leonardo, and Alex Cazumba are all 21. The Young Brazilliance.

Substitution Houston Dynamo
IN 5 Danny Cruz
OUT 23 Dominic Oduro

72' - Here's a free kick for Los Angeles. Donovan to take, but that is out of trouble for Houston.

73' - We are in the 73rd minute—LIVE, I may add—and it's 2-0 to the Galaxy with 17 and change to go.

74' - Good tackle by Houston, but the Galaxy dispossess. Now they want to do some clock management. Not a good cross from Birchall, goal kick.

75' - Here's Ashe, but De La Garza is there. A corner. Davis to take. Cleared, and Juninho is fouled from behind by Palmer.

76' - Nobody in orange to get that delivery for Houston.

78' - Ricketts resets. Birchall got marked. No space for him in the Space City.

79' - Substitution Los Angeles Galaxy
IN 26 Michael Stephens
OUT 10 Juninho*

80' - Here's a throw in for Los Angeles. Donovan is getting held at bay, but it hasn't stopped the Galaxy from imposing its will against the Houston Dynamo

81' - I'll tell you this: it's a bad feeling to be a D.C. United supporter right now.

82' - Agony, agony, agony for Brian Mullen. That would have made this a one-goal game

Substitution Los Angeles Galaxy
IN 9 Jovan Kirovski

Corner for Houston...deflected.

84' - Free kick for Donovan sails past him. Love the pirate-style beard and cut from Jovan. Arrrr.

85' - Ricketts gets that one. Kansas City leads Colorado 1-0 in the second half. San Jose and Chicago are tied 1-1 in the second and the Sounders of Seattle leads Real Salt Lake (LA's next opponent) 1-0 in the second.

87' - Throw-in for Dunivant. They will be content to leave with a 2-0 win, although they would love to make it 3-0 before the night is over.

88' - Here's Mullen. FC Dallas and Columbus are tied 1-1 in the second.

89' - Fast, scrappy football from Houston. De La Garza with the throw, and that goes out of play.

90' - Here's Danny Cruz with a cross. That goes out. And some of the fans are leaving. Makes you wonder.

90' + 1' - Three minutes of stoppage time. Magee has to do better with his shot selection. I haven't see him get into rhythm yet. You'd expect him to figure it out at this point.

90' + 2' - Side netting on that attempt. The epitome of a night gone bad in Houston. Offsides Dynamo.

90' + 3' - And that is a wrap.



Edson Buddle 27', 44'


Stay tuned for my take on this match, and some other ins and outs on the View and Bleacher Report.

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