Dolphins' Ryan Fitzpatrick Talks Tua Tagovailoa, NFL Future, More in B/R AMA

Rob Goldberg@TheRobGoldbergFeatured ColumnistFebruary 4, 2021

Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick looks to throw during the first half of an NFL football game against the New York Jets, Sunday, Nov. 29, 2020, in East Rutherford, N.J. (AP Photo/Corey Sipkin)
Corey Sipkin/Associated Press

After an up-and-down 2020 season, Ryan Fitzpatrick joined Bleacher Report to discuss the past year with the Miami Dolphins and his lengthy career in the NFL

The 16-year NFL veteran has played games for eight different organizations in his career, starting 20 games at quarterback over the last two seasons with Miami. He currently ranks 10th among active players in both passing touchdowns (223) and passing yards (34,977) in his career.

During his AMA session Thursday, Fitzpatrick broke down his favorite moments in the league, his assessment of teammate Tua Tagovailoa, the upcoming Super Bowl, Miley Cyrus and much more.


The following is the full transcript from the AMA session.


@Steve_Perrault: Heard you have a Super Bowl commercial with John Cena, what's that all about?

Mountain Dew, Major Melon doing a huge promotion. Cena starred in one commercial, basically all you have to do is count the number of bottles you see in the commercial. Tweet it out, tag Mountain Dew, and it gives you a chance to win a million bucks. I feel like with 7 kids and a very smart wife at home we're gonna have a pretty decent chance to get the number right.


@krm4web: What were you thinking when you threw that deep pass while having your face mask tugged against the Raiders?

Oh I hope my guy catches this and not theirs. That was a crazy ending to that game, the last few minutes. Great play by Mac to catch that ball.


@fitchkarma66: What was your funniest locker room moment?

I've got a relevant one. When I was in Tampa with JPP going to the airport to travel. Me and some other teams were playing rock, paper, scissors for per diem. JPP came to play and got to the ‘Shoot' part and realized he could only form a rock with his hands. He's a guy that loves football and that's when I knew he was a great teammate.


@E711: How good do you think Tua will be?

I'm excited to see. It's so hard to project all these young QBs. A lot of it depends on the skill players, the OL, the defense. It's hard to project all these guys. That's why the success rate of hitting on first-round guys is tough. He had a great rookie year and I'm looking forward to seeing what's to come for him.


@E711: Who wins Bucs or Chiefs?

This is hard because I live in Tampa so I don't want to make anyone mad, I also know a lot of the Bucs players well. I think the score is going to be 28-24.


@gjolly21: Who in the NFL besides you and Minshew has the best facial hair?

My facial hair idol was Brett Keisel before he retired. Not just the mass of his beard but the mustache and the curl. Every time I played against him I spent half the game looking over at his facial hair then asking him for tips afterwards.


@goOSU: How is it like to go to Harvard?

I met my wife there, she played soccer. We were there when Facebook started at Harvard. And if Zuckerberg had asked me for 1,000 to start it up I would've said no because I needed it to buy pizza.


@caroline_em_up: Saw your interview quoting Miley Cyrus' "The Climb" - Is that a top 10 song in your opinion?

Haha you know I like to live in the moment. When that song came out it was huge. My four daughters and I use that for karaoke.


@HolyMountZion: If you could be teammates with any player in the league, who would you choose and why?

I've had the great fortune of teaming up with some of my Harvard guys, Kyle Juszczyk in SF, Tyler Ott in Seattle. I would say the guys I didn't get to play with in college.


@vinsanity123: When did you know you made it in the NFL?

My first game that I ever got in was my rookie year playing for the St. Louis Rams. I was the 4th string guy in training camp, 3rd string as the season started. Mark Bulger gets hurt one week, the next week Jamie Martin goes down. I came into the game and we were down 21 points I think. Threw for 300 yards and 3 touchdowns and thought to myself "wow, this game is easy!" I thought at that point that I had made it and a few starts later threw for 0 touchdowns and 5 interceptions and realized quickly that this is a very difficult position to play.


@asherteppy: What was your favorite season and why?

It's a tough one, the last two years were really rewarding for me and the growth of that franchise, not just as a player but interacting with staff. I've played for a lot of great organizations.


@Niemiiii: How do you rock those sunglasses so well?

The way that originated, it was before the game. DeSean walked through the locker room … and to me it was just ridiculous what he was wearing, but he made it look so cool. So my comment to him was "If I was wearing that, I'd be laughed out of the building right now." He was like "alright well if we win this game, you're wearing it on the podium." Sure enough we win the game and I think on the first play of the game he scored a 75-yard TD against the Eagles. He was pumped to have me up on that podium wearing his chain and his sunglasses.


@Henrykelly27: What are you planning on for the future of your career, will you stay with the Dolphins?

I don't know, I just finished year 16. I want to keep playing. I haven't had a chance to use my college degree but I love my family and being with them. 


@GridironGod12: If you could choose your nickname, what would it be?

FitzMagic is cool to me. The first one that came to me in Buffalo was the Amish Rifle. I've been called plenty of worse things.


@bvanfossen: What was your favorite "Bills Mafia Moment" while you were with the Bills?

There were a lot. When I think back to my time there one thing I really remember was the joy in that stadium when we started off 2011 and beat NE and OAK, just how much the fans had invested into the franchise. That was one of the biggest disappointments of this year for them not getting to have all the fans present.


@goOSU Who was the funniest coach you've ever had?

I would go with Dave Raggone, what a personality he has. 


@JakeHeath Do you actually know any magic tricks?

I mean know a few that I can pass on age 6 and down. My older kids think they are lame but I can still amaze my younger kids.


Rapid Fire Questions:

Best interaction with Tom Brady?

Most of the time it's a great game Tom and then the time in 2011 when we beat him in Buffalo he ran off the field. I don't have much of a relationship with him.


Favorite movie ever?

The one that popped into my head is Good Will Hunting


Weirdest interaction with a fan?

Probably when I was in the Mall of America walking around and somebody chased me down to ask about my fight with Floyd Mayweather and then it dawned on me that he thought I was Conor McGregor. That happens every now and then again.


Favorite sneakers?

I wasn't able to get my hands on these Chewbacca adidas. I'm still searching, maybe I need to become a sneakerhead.