Impact Wrestling Results: Winners, Grades and Highlights from November 17

Erik Beaston@@ErikBeastonFeatured ColumnistNovember 18, 2020

Impact Wrestling Results: Winners, Grades and Highlights from November 17

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    The Rascalz waved goodbye to Impact Wrestling Tuesday night on AXS TV in a high-energy main event also featuring world champion Rich Swann.

    What did Trey Miguel, Dez and Wentz have in store for the Impact faithful in their final appearance for the company that helped them rise to prominence in the industry?

    Find out now with this recap of the post-Turning Point episode.

No Disqualification Match: Willie Mack vs. Moose

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    After a controversial finish to their match at Turning Point, Willie Mack looked to earn a legitimate victory over the self-proclaimed TNA World Champion Moose in a No Disqualification Match.

    Moose sent Mack back-first into the arena floor, then the ring post as he looked to drive the fight and the air from his opponent. The physically dominant Moose sent his opponent flipping, back-first, into the guardrail as he continued to dominate and dismantle the former X-Division Champion.

    Mack thought he slowed his opponent's roll by evading one dropkick but Moose shook off the miss and connected with a second.

    Consecutive blind charges allowed Mack to create separation and attempt a comeback. He rocked Moose, then slammed him to the mat. A Six-Star Frog Splash failed to connect but Mack did catch him with a stunner. Moose shook it off and delivered a spear, bringing the babyface down. 

    Delivering a series of forearms and elbows to the head and face, just as he did Saturday at Turning Point, Moose earned the victory by knockout as the official called for the bell.



    Moose defeated Mack via TKO






    What Moose has done as the more aggressive, focused competitor has been great. He absolutely needed it to take the next step. He was great here, especially when he taunted Rich Swann in between beating up his best friend and should serve as the perfect next contender to the Impact World Championship.

    With that said, this was too long for the story it told.

    Mack sold everything Moose threw at him effectively but the heat portion went on a tad too long and the comeback was not energetic enough to regain the viewers' attention.

    That is not to say the effort wasn't there, because it certainly was. It is just a match that would have benefited exponentially from shaving a few minutes off of it.

Suicide vs. Gio

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    Suicide returned after a hiatus, squaring off against "young up-and-comer" Gio.

    Before the action could get started, Eric Young led Joe Doering from All-Japan Pro Wrestling to the squared circle, where the massive newcomer obliterated both competitors.

    "This will be the reason you can't sleep at night," Young said. "This world doesn't belong to you. It belongs to us," Young concluded as he stood tall with his large new friend.



    No contest






    Introduce a new big man by having him smash and squash some fools.

    It is a formula as old as wrestling itself and one that never goes out of style. Doering looked like a badass here and best of all, no one had to sacrifice any heat because neither Suicide or Gio have any real credibility to speak of at this point.

    A successful and effective segment that further established Young as a renewed threat, thanks to his running buddy.

Crazzy Steve vs. Brian Myers

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    The product of a confrontation between the two at Turning Point, Crazzy Steve battled Brian Myers in singles competition this week.

    Steve frustrated Myers early but "The Most Professional Wrestler" seized control of the match, grounding his opponent and working to drive the fight out of him. 

    Steve fought back, scored a near-fall but Myers earned the win with the impaler DDT.



    Myers defeated Steve






    This was an extended squash for Myers and one that he needed.

    The artist formerly known as Curt Hawkins has picked up wins over Tommy Dreamer and Swoggle, exorcising those demons from his past, and continued his winning ways over Steve.

    It will be interesting to see where Myers goes from here as the top of the card appears to be jam-packed but he is such a valuable asset from an experience and name recognition standpoint that it would behoove Impact to find something significant for him to do. 

Tenille Dashwood and Alisha vs. Havok and Nevaeh

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    The tournament to crown the Knockouts Tag Team Champions kicked off this week as Havok and Nevaeh battled Alisha Edwards and Tenille Dashwood.

    The tenacious Alisha took the fight to Nevaeh early, dropping her with a bulldog, then joining Dashwood for a double suplex. Dashwood worked on Nevaeh, delivering a low crossbody in the corner for a two-count.

    Nevaeh tagged Havok in, prompting Dashwood to tag out of the match and leave the smallest competitor in the match to try her luck against the biggest.

    It didn't go so well for Alisha, who ate a nasty sidewalk slam from Havok. 

    The heels worked over Edwards while Kaleb (with a 'K') took photos of Dashwood for social media. Tenille continued to throw her partner to the proverbial wolves, leaving Alisha to shoulder the brunt of the work, to the extent that Havok and Nevaeh delivered a wheelbarrow cutter combination for the win.



    Havok and Nevaeh defeated Alisha and Dashwood






    This was a surprisingly effective, story-heavy match.

    Dashwood continued to be the self-centered heel whose disregard for those around her, including her own tag team partner, cost her a championship opportunity.

    Havok and Nevaeh have to be among the favorites to win the whole tournament and this was a great start for them. They will meet the winners of Jordynne Grace and a mystery partner vs. Renee Michelle and Killer Kelly in the second round.

Fallah Bahh vs. Hernandez

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    Fallah Bahh made the mistake of stealing from Hernandez and the super heavyweight felt the wrath of the former tag team champion.

    Hernandez dominated the action, using his rage and strength advantage to neutralize Bahh.

    Bahh fought back but his arsenal proved ineffective as Hernandez put him down and delivered a massive to-rope splash for the win.



    Hernandez defeated Bahh






    This was not particularly good. A battle between two big men without much of a spark, it was a glorified squash win for Hernandez.

    Worst yet, it did not solve the problem of Hernandez’s missing money. 

    So what was the point?

Rich Swann and Trey Miguel vs. Wentz and Dez

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    In an emotional main event, Impact Wrestling bid ado to The Rascalz' Trey Miguel, Wentz and Dez in an action-packed main event. Dez and Wentz teamed to battle Miguel and Impact World Champion Rich Swann in a match between friends and comrades.

    Miguel engaged in some early one-upmanship with Dez and Wentz early before Swann entered the ring and dropped Dez. Miguel added a ripcord forearm but his longtime partner shook it off and joined Wentz in momentarily stunning Miguel. 

    Trey fought back into the match and tagged Swann. The world champion delivered Rolling Thunder to Dez, but Wentz broke up the pin. Swann and Miguel teed off on Wentz, the former delivering a running shooting star press.

    The action broke down, culminating in a four-way superkick that left the competitors reeling.

    Miguel rocked Dez with a superkick, knocking him into Wentz and breaking up a near-fall. Dez delivered a German suplex off the ropes to Miguel while Swann followed immediately with a frog splash. Wentz broke up the pin.

    Late in the match, Miguel caught Dez with Meteora and Swann reluctantly followed with a short superkick for the pinfall victory.



    Swann and Miguel defeated Wentz and Dez






    Over the last two years, there is no denying the workhorses that The Rascalz have been for Impact Wrestling.

    They helped carry the banner for the company through a tumultuous period, becoming one of the acts that could be consistently counted on to deliver under the brightest of lights and highest expectations.

    This was a nonstop, high-energy match that was the perfect representation of what that trio brought to the company. The athleticism, the speed, the agility and the creativity between the ropes were trademarks of The Rascalz and this featured all three in bunches.

    Swann going over was the right call if for no other reason than the fact that he is sticking around and is the current world champion, but the emotional post-match embraces and tearful goodbyes made for a guttural conclusion to the broadcast.

    That is, until Sami Callihan and Ken Shamrock jumped the babyfaces backstage, sending a message to Swann ahead of his match with The World's Most Dangerous Man next week. 

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