Roman Reigns' Best Booking Options for WWE Survivor Series 2020

Donald Wood@@Donald_WoodFeatured ColumnistOctober 29, 2020

Roman Reigns presents the best coach award at the ESPY Awards on Wednesday, July 10, 2019, at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)
Chris Pizzello/Associated Press

After successfully defending the Universal Championship against his cousin, Jey Uso, at Hell in a Cell, the focus of the WWE Universe has shifted to Survivor Series 2020 and what's next for Roman Reigns.

With the November 22 pay-per-view pitting SmackDown against Raw, The Big Dog is scheduled to face WWE champion Randy Orton in a non-title match. With so many Superstars targeting the titleholders on the red and blue brands, the bout is destined for a convoluted finish.

Between Drew McIntyre, The Fiend and Alexa Bliss, there are endless options for the company to give us a showcase that furthers storylines for both Orton and Reigns. Let's just hope WWE Creative doesn't screw it up.

Here are the best booking options for Reigns at Survivor Series 2020.


The Fiend Gives Roman the Win

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The booking suggests Reigns is the top Superstar in WWE, so letting him earn a win over Orton is the most reasonable outcome. The Viper should not be taking clean losses after just winning the title, so it makes sense for The Fiend to get involved.

Bray Wyatt has set the stage for another epic encounter with Orton and will spend the next month tormenting the champion with the help of Bliss. At Survivor Series, The Fiend should attack The Viper and hand Reigns a pinfall victory.

Reigns and Wyatt have a long history, but The Fiend was drafted to the red brand before having the chance to get his Universal Championship back. Handing Reigns the victory could be a subtle nod at a possible feud again down the line.


The Usos Turn on Orton

With no need for a clean winner in a battle between the company's top heel champions, it's time for WWE Creative to think outside the box. One way to infuse some uncertainty is letting The Usos come to ringside during the match.

Reigns beating Jey forced him and his brother to become "indentured servants," but they hate what their cousin has become. With the twins at ringside in a neutral corner, it would be unclear what exactly they would be doing there.

Instead of turning on their cousin after his brutal attacks on them, The Usos should make Orton think they're on his side before viciously assaulting him. Jimmy and Jey will then hand the unconscious Viper over to The Tribal Chief, who should finish the job.


McIntyre Destroys Everyone

One of the company's top stars throughout the coronavirus pandemic has been McIntyre, but he has been cast aside with the loss of his title and Orton's scheduled bout with Reigns.

The Scot will remedy this by destroying the champion vs. champion match.

After giving Reigns and Orton ample time to showcase their in-ring talents against each other and just before the two men start hitting their finishers, McIntyre's music should hit but no one will appear on the ramp.

Instead, the former champ should appear behind both men and brutally attack them. Not only would this help WWE Creative avoid handing Orton or Reigns a loss, but it would also reassure fans that the Scot is far from done in the main event scene.


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